Now everyday clashing: “Row between Turkish government and Gülen heats up with new document… A politics roundup…

Turkish government signed decision to fight against Gülen Movement in 2004: Report

The government signed a MGK decision in 2004 recommending an action plan against Gülen?s movement, report says

Row between Turkish government and Gülen heats up with new document


The row between followers of the Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen?s movement of and the Turkish government took another dimension after a report

Turkey?s press bodies slam government for ?discrimination?

Both of Turkey?s most authoritative press bodies have condemned the government and Education Ministry over their ?biased accreditation practice?

Turkey’s top boss urges government not to hinder charter

TÜSİAD, Turkey?s leading business group, tells the country?s politicians to cease their bickering on a new charter, saying the document cannot wait

Board members asks for fair broadcasting

Political opposition members serving on the board of Turkey?s top broadcasting regulatory body have requested a report on fair and balanced television broadcasting


Islamic scholar Gülen calls for ?reasonability? in test prep school row

‘You cannot stay indifferent against this, you have to defend it’ Fethullah Gülen said

The Shadow Politics of Shadow Education

The Turkish government?s plan to reform special schools is a disguised attack on the Gulen movement.

Ruling AKP lawmakers voice objection to prep schools closure

Although PM Erdoğan has already voiced his resolve to close private examination prep school, some lawmakers from his party have raised their objections

Turkish PM unveils 10 candidates for local elections, Gökçek to run for fifth term


Melih Gökçek will run for the Ankara mayor?s office for a fifth successive term, as Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the Justice and Development Party?s local election candidates for 10 provinces.


Main opposition leader defines AKP government as a threat to Turkish Freedom on WSJ piece


Turkey?s main opposition CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu penned an opinion article for the U.S. daily Wall Street Journal, accusing the AKP of being a ‘threat to Turkish Freedom’

BDP puts the blame on Turkish Gov?t for violence

The ruling AKP is responsible for every woman?s murder due to its sexist rhetoric, Peace and Democracy Party co-chair Gültan Kışanak says

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