?Grand coalition? in Germany…Stop the export of digital arms from the EU!…Scotland’s Future…Eurosphere roundup…

?Grand coalition? deal sealed in Germany


German Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s conservatives and the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) reached a deal early on Wednesday on forming a “grand coalition” after wrangling through the night, meaning she should be able to form a government by Christmas.


Two months after Merkel’s landslide election victory and a month after negotiations began, Germany’s two biggest political forces clinched a deal at about 5 a.m. (0400 GMT) that both sides said they could live with.

Europeans: help stop the export of digital arms from the EU!

Marietje Schaake, the EU’s most tech-savvy MEP, writes, “Recently I launched a global campaign against the trade in digital arms from the EU: stopdigitalarms.eu It is unacceptable that EU-made technologies are still exported, deployed and operated by European companies to third countries without oversight.”

Merkel secures German coalition deal

The parties backed a package including a motorway toll for foreigners, liberalised citizenship rights for German-born residents of foreign origin and a minimum wage

Scotland\’s Future: Your Guide to an Independent Scotland [White Paper]

Source: Scottish Government From the Introduction: This guide sets out the gains of independence for Scotland ? whichever party is in government ? and this Government?s vision and priorities for action if we are the first government of an independent Scotland. It also explains the process by which Scotland will become

Rape in the UK: myths about myths

The reporting rate of female rape has increased eight times in the past thirty years, yet the convition rate is still only 7%. New voices are entering the debate over the role of the well known ‘rape myths’ that lie behind these statistics

Ready and able to decide the future of Scotland

As Scots embark on a year of discussing their country?s position within the United Kingdom, one alliance of organisations is determined to ensure that citizens with learning disabilities are a well-informed part of the debate
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