Bitcoin Tops $1,000 For the First Time… Texas Hacker Debunks Link Between Bitcoin Founder and Online Drug Market.. Cyberculture agenda…

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Bitcoin Tops $1,000 For the First Time

An anonymous reader writes with this bit from The Next Web “Bitcoin hit a new milestone today, passing the $1,000 mark for the first time. The virtual currency is currently trading above the four-digit figure, with its highest at $1,030 on Mt. Gox, one of the largest exchanges.

Texas Hacker Debunks Link Between Bitcoin Founder and Online Drug Market

Israeli academics Dorit Ron and Adi Shamir thought they may have uncovered an intriguing link between the anonymous creator of the Bitcoin digital currency and the illicit online drug marketplace the Silk Road. But it turns out the idea was bunk.
Google admits that Youtube/Google Plus integration increased ASCII porn, spam and trolling

Earlier this month, mathematics vlogger Vi Hart posted a ringing denunciation of the new integration of Youtube comments with Google Plus, arguing that the ham-fisted change had brought Youtube comments to an even lower low. Hart said that the new system gave precedence to people who were able to provoke lots of replies with trollish and insulting behavior, crowding out good commenters.

The Future of Cloud Computing Now Runs on All Versions of Linux

Docker wants to help developers run their applications anywhere and everywhere. This week, the project got a little closer to that goal by bringing the platform to all major versions of the Linux operating system.

Dutch digital activist discusses Anonymous in depth (Includes interview)

As the Anonymous collective branches out into public street-level operations and gains momentum, a digital activist discusses some of the philosophy and strategy behind the online activities of the movement. Dutch Anonymous-affiliated digital activist .

Bitcoin and international crime [Commentary]

Baltimore Sun

Although bitcoin was initially touted as an anonymous system, law enforcement is generally able to track breadcrumbs left behind by the currency. You’d normally expect criminals to adapt once law enforcement figured this out, and they likely did

NSA spied on non-terrorist “radicalizers”‘ porn use in order to discredit them

A new Snowden leak reveals that the NSA targeted “radicalizers” of Muslim faith, mining their Internet connections for pornography usage. They compiled lists of targets who could be blackmailed, discredited and compromised by targeted leaks of this information, and circulated the lists to officials in the Departments of Justice and Commerce and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Only one percent of the targets of this program are alleged to have any connection to terrorists; the rest were targeted because of their political beliefs.

How NSA Mass Surveillance is Hurting the US Economy

Privacy may not be the only casualty of the National Security Agency?s massive surveillance program. Major sectors of the US economy are reporting financial damage as the recent revelations shake consumer confidence and US trade partners distance themselves from companies that may have been compromised by the NSA or, worse, are secretly collaborating with the spy agency. Member of Congress, especially those who champion America?s competitiveness in the global marketplace, should take note and rein in the NSA now if they want to stem the damage. An opportunity to watch a spamblog be built in real time

In case you didn?t see my story posted late in the day yesterday, the Online Journalism Review ? a 15-year-old chronicler of the evolution of digital journalism ? has been turned into a spamblog.

Blame the NSA, not Facebook and Google: Column

Cross-posted from USA Today.

RIP Fail Whale: Twitter?s iconic error image bites the dust

There was a time when the sight of the Fail Whale was common on Twitter, back when the growing startup struggled to keep pace with its users and the sheer volume of tweets. Much has changed since then ? including many more users and, of course, Twitter?s recent IPO? and now the company has admitted it killed off the cult whale this past summer.

Creative Commons Issues an Update to its Copyright License Suite

After more than two years of community discussions and many drafts, the nonprofitCreative Commons has released a new version of its popular copyright license suite. These licenses allow rightsholders to release some of the exclusive rights associated with copyright while retaining others, in a way that?s easy for re-users, indexable by computers, and that stands up to legal review in many countries.

Twitter appears to be experimenting with predicting viral tweets

It looks like Twitter is experimenting if they are able to predict which tweets are going to go viral with a new account that?s extremely similar to previous experiments @magicrecsand @eventparrot.

Intelligence Officials Fear Snowden’s ‘Doomsday’ Cache

Dega704 writes with news that Edward Snowden is believed to have a collection of highly sensitive classified documents that will be released in the event he is detained, hurt, or killed. According to Reuters, “


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