Pirate Party now in Observer Status at World Trade Organization… SPDY faster than HTTPS? … Cyberculture agenda…

 Pirate Party Gets Observer Status at World Trade Organization

ppi-logoFollowing the launch of the first Pirate Party in Sweden the ?Pirate? movement quickly spread all over the world, and not without success.

During the German elections earlier this year nearly a million people voted for the local Pirate Party, in Iceland the national Parliament has three Pirate MPs, and the Swedish branch of the Pirates currently has two seats at the European Parliament.

This university in Cyprus is the first in the world to let students pay tuition fees using Bitcoin

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm ? and now it?s even trickling into the educational system.

Google says its major services are 20% to 40% faster with SPDY than HTTPS

Google today revealed some performance benchmarks comparing four of its major services running on SPDY instead of HTTPS. The improvements in latency (measured as the time from first request byte to onload event in the browser) are massive for both users with fast connections and users with high round-trip times:

Google?s Eric Schmidt thinks government censorship will be wiped out within ten years

164124318 Googles Eric Schmidt thinks government censorship will be wiped out within ten yearsGoogle?s executive chairman Eric Schmidt is highly optimistic ? he thinks that government censorship can be ended within a decade, Bloomberg reports.

NSA Primary Sources: a catalog of leaked NSA files

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has rounded up an interactive, filterable chart of leaked NSA docs, putting all the material leaked through many media sources and over several months into one place. As EFF’s staff explain:

Secret TPP Negotiations Resume in Salt Lake City

The newest round of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations begin today in Salt Lake City, Utah, where trade representatives will work towards finalizing the text of this sprawling secret agreement. Last week’s publication of the controversial Intellectual Propertychapter by Wikileaks confirmed our worst fears: the TPP carries draconian copyright enforcement provisions that threaten users’ rights and could stifle innovation well into the 21st Century. Public opposition to the TPP continues to grow as a result of the leaked document; an opaque policymaking process that seems geared towards appeasing Big Content does not provide much in the way of legitimacy.

What is Bitcoin? No really, what is it?

As a TNW reader, chances are that you have a pretty good understanding of at least the basics of the Bitcoin. Sadly, the same can?t be said for the folk at Vooza?
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