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Why are birds ?angry,? PM Erdoğan asks company CEO

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited the Angry Birds developer Rovio Company in Finland
Ruling party deputies also question Erdoğan?s motives behind ?student house? move

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan?s vow to crack down on mixed-gender student accommodation
A Turkey politics roundup: 
Regulation on mixed-student houses would be ?unconstitutional?

Any regulation over the private houses where female and male students stay together would be against the Constitution as well as the international conventions signed by Turkey, according to legals experts
Istanbul to be hub of global mediation efforts, says FM Davutoğlu

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has reiterated his aspiration to make Istanbul a United Nations center for mediation
Syria argument raises tension in Davutoğlu?s Parliament briefing

The government?s foreign policy on Syria raised tension between opposition deputies and Foreign Minister

NATO’s top commander questions Turkish missile deal with China

NATO’s top military commander urged Turkey Nov 7 to buy a missile defense system that is compatible with other NATO systems
Turkey’s main opposition cool toward adoption of partial Constitution package

The main opposition CHP has signaled that it would reject the ruling party?s suggestion to bring the 60 articles

Writer charged with insulting Turkish prime minister acquitted

Writer Emrah Serbes has been acquitted on charges of insulting the prime minister by using the pun ?Recop Tazyik Erdoğan.?

The Snitch State

Prime Minister Erdogan has raised hackles again with a recent speech in which he denounced male and female university students living cheek to jowl (and implying proximity of other body parts) in university dormitories. He followed up by denouncing unmarried men and women shacking up together off-campus as well. Disgusting. The laws should be changed to no longer allow this, he continued. ?This? is ill-defined and seems to preclude massive intrusions into citizens? personal lives. Will this make Turkey a state effectively operating on the basis of religious law, which injects community norms into the most intimate spheres, rather than a country governed by law rooted in individual rights that protects the personal sphere? Judging by the uproar, many seem to think so.

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