Cyberculture agenda: Bitcoin more than doubles its value in about a month… Million Mask March: anons in the world’s streets…

Million Mask March: anons in the world’s streets

Image: “Anonymous Million Mask March on Election day in New York | Knowledge is Power” shared by Michael Tapp in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool.
Rally Against Mass Surveillance: Inspiring Pics from the Historic Demonstration

On October 26th, thousands of people from all walks of life converged on Washington, DC in a demonstration against the NSA’s mass surveillance.


Photo by Charlie Furman of Demand Progress
Facebook open-sources Presto, a homegrown SQL query engine for mining its enormous data warehouses

Facebook is open-sourcing Presto, an SQL query engine that it developed in-house to help analysts, data scientists and engineers pick apart the information stored in its enormous data warehouses.

Bitcoin?s Real Revolution Isn?t Hard Money, It?s Economic Panarchy

Many different currencies - CC photo by

Diversity ? Zacqary Adam Green:?The earth-shattering thing about bitcoin isn?t its fixed money supply. It?s not the carefully tuned algorithm that keeps its growth at a steady rate, or the inability of a political body to play with its value. What?s new and government-toppling about bitcoin is that it?s a framework for starting a new economy.

Facebook lifts ban on BDP?s page

Facebook has reopened the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) headquarters page


Bitcoin more than doubles its value in about a month, hitting an all-time high of $267There may still be money to be made investing in Bitcoin. This morning, Bitcoin has just hit an all-time high of $267, surpassing the previous record of $266, asreported by CoinDesk.


Pirate Bay Backs Disruptive Activists, Startups, Charity and MoreThe Pirate Bay is not particularly liked by most entertainment industry companies, but there are tens of thousands of artists who are eager to get a plug from the notorious torrent site.


‘We are legion!’ Anonymous allies stand up against corruption in global march

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But the image of the notorious plotter has a new meaning forAnonymous and their supporters today. The Guy Fawkes mask was adopted by the hacker activists from the V for Vendetta graphic novel and film as a symbol of the anarchic fight against tyranny.

Anonymous operations in DC kick off ahead of Million Mask March (Includes …

Anonymous prepares for ‘Million Mask March’ protests around the world

Anonymous march in Hobart for Guy Fawkes Day

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