Conservative regulatory discourses dominate the Turkish politics at the moment…

Turkish PM says gov?t ?has to intervene? in mixed-sex accommodation

Turkish Prime Minister has reiterated remarks opposing mixed-sex accommodation of students


Turkish PM vows to ‘intervene’ in mixed-sex student housing ? 5/11/13 ? Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has reiterated his intention to oppose mixed-sex student accommodation, saying his government must ‘intervene’. ?It’s not clear what is going on in these places. They are all mixed up


Turkey?s women image ?conservative?

The majority of Turkish society sees women as homemakers, a survey shows.


More bans on smoking to be introduced in Turkey

A non-smoking section in the outdoor areas of cafes and restaurants will be obligatory, according to an action plan

Jailed PKK leader Öcalan may have new visitors before elections

The government may consider letting journalists to visit Öcalan to revive the stalled peace process

BDP Responses to Government?s Imrali Remarks

BDP Group Interim Chairperson Buldan told bianet on the recent remarks of Justice Minister Ergin on the off-listing of Imrali visitors who criticized the peace process.


Ruling AKP faced previous coup attempts before 2010, says Turkey’s justice minister

The Turkish justice minister said there have been hidden coup attempts during the rule of the Justice and Development


Turkish Parliament to solve ?trousers? problem

Parliament?s Constitution Commission will hold a meeting in the coming days in a bid to resolve the controversy over the ban on trousers for female deputies.


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