Americana roundup: U.S. migration… Doctors and nurses complicit in US torture…101 objects that made America

Six decades of U.S. migration

Net migration patterns

We know that millions of Americans move to different counties every year, and when you look at the net totals, you see a pattern of people migrate from the midwest to the coasts. However, look at migration across demographic categories, and you see more detailed movement. This was the goal of researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and they recently released their estimates, in map form.

Doctors and nurses complicit in US torture, report says

Doctors and nurses tasked with monitoring the health of terror suspects were complicit in abuses committed at prisons

101 objects that made America

This month, Smithsonian magazine tells the story of America using 101 objects drawn from the 19 musuems and research centers of the Smithsonian Institution. Among the objects are the original Star Spangled Banner flag, the passenger pigeon, the polio vaccine, the pill, and Benjamin Franklin’s Experiments and Observations on Electricity.

Obama not as powerful as Putin: Forbes

Russian President Vladimir Putin attained the title as the world?s most powerful person after rounds of voting

Mark Leonard: The NSA and the weakness of American power

The public outrage that the NSA has spawned could be more damaging to the transatlantic relationship than the Iraq war was a decade ago.


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