Headscarf allowed in Turkey’s parliament… Age old Islamist politics of playing the victim should finally end…

Secular Turkish Government Permits Religious Symbol

Four female lawmakers were welcomed into Parliament with Islamic head scarves, which for some was an unwelcome break with secular traditions and for others a sign of the nation?s maturing democracy.

Turkey's ruling Ak Party lawmakers Nurcan Dalbudak and Sevde Beyazit Kacar attend the general assembly wearing their head scarves at the Turkish Parliament in Ankara

The peace process and the enmity of politics

One of the persisting responses to Turkey?s Kurdish issue and its trial with the Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) was a hatred of politics, albeit in different doses.

Turkish PM praises end of ?discrimination? with removal of ban on headscarves in Parliament

PM Erdoğan has praised the entry of lawmakers wearing headscarves into the Parliament in his pre-recorded monthly address to the nation aired on Oct. 31

Turkey’s female MPs wear headscarves in parliament for the first time

Four female MPs mark the end of a ban imposed since the early days of the Turkish Republic

Four female MPs wearing headscarves walked into Turkey’s parliament in Ankara on Thursday, marking the end of a ban emphatically imposed since the early days of the Turkish Republic.

Turkey’s female lawmakers wear headscarves in parliament for the first time – video

Four women from Turkey‘s ruling Justice and Development party (AKP) wear headscarves in parliament for the first time


We will not fall into trap of the veiled deputies, Turkey’s main opposition says

CHP has labeled three female deputies? decision to enter Parliament wearing headscarves ‘insincere’ and said they will not ‘fall into the trap of’ overreacting to it


Painful normalization of Turkish political scene

President Abdullah Gül?s reception at Çankaya Palace in Ankara to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the republic was like a theater foyer where matters discussed and the body language used was more interesting than the play regarding the normalization of Turkish politics.

Şişli Mayor Sarıgül to meet CHP deputy head in Istanbul

Mustafa Sarıgül, the mayor of the Istanbul district of Şişli, will meet the Republican People?s Party deputy head

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