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The Monument Counter is an on line (internet) monument to commemorate women who lost their lives due to domestic violence. It is also a counter that is updated every day.

It has been announced that between January and September 2012 that 125 women lost their lives due to domestic violence. The Monument Counter has been therefore conceived as a device to generate public awareness concerning the rising number of deaths due to domestic violence and bring unknown data into light. This website will have the names of dead women and is not only an awareness raising mechanism directed against society concerning domestic violence but also is a monument for the dead women.

The counter masks a rising threat while also reporting about the continuity of violence. The Monument Counter does not only demonstrate a worrying increase, a burdensome accumulation but also invites an urgent count down. As the counter counts up, hope vanishes. It disappears one by one.


A domestic violence resource page which provides legal guidance to victims [in US]


82 Students Expelled From Residence Due to Gezi Protests

82 university has been expelled from state-run student residences in Samsun for attending Gezi Resistance protests – a penalty that also included the suspension of their scholarships and loans.

General staff apologizes to BDP for language use on report of soldier stabbed in southeastern Turkey

The Turkish general staff apologized to the BDP after publishing a report on Oct. 30 about a soldier allegedly stabbed by militants connected to the PKK in the southeastern town of Cizre

IHD Calls For ?Life Action? to Release Sick Inmates

Human Rights Association (IHD) called for a 2-day action that will demand the immediate release of 526 sick inmates (with 154 in serious condition) across Turkey?s prisons.

Well-known steps in the Roma People Package

The steps announced by the Turkish government in relation with the Roma people have fallen short of meeting the expectations.

ODTÜ plans have nothing to do with Ankara Mayor Gökçek: Minister

Minister Eroğlu underlined the removal of trees for ODTÜ road plan should not be considered as a result of an individual initiative by Gökçek

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