Telegraph’s Istanbul’s best shops… Istanbul news roundup…


Istanbul to get much-needed metro network: Mayor

Istanbul?s metro network will finally expand to reach the level of those in global cities by 2019, the ambitious metro plans unveiled by mayor show

Cable cars to cross the Bosphorus

Three lines of cable cars are set to be unveiled across the Istanbul Bosphorus, connecting the European and Asian sides of the city to one another. After establishing a line between the towns of Çamlıca and Etiler, another line joining Beykoz to Sarıyer will also be constructed. A third line will also be built across the Haliç River between the Eyüp and Sütlüce districts.


Istanbul’s best shops: an insiders’ guide – Telegraph…/istanbuls-best-shops-an-insiders-guide…

Transport: Turkey; new cable car lines for IstanbulANSAmed

(ANSAmed) – ISTANBUL, SEPTEMBER 24 – Among many other projects, the Municipality of Istanbul has made plans to drastically revolutionize the city’s

Istanbul’s oldest high school draws visitorsHurriyet Daily News

Historians say the architecture attracts people who would like to discover the architectural characteristics of Istanbul buildings. The Istanbul Lycée building


İstanbul celebrates European Day of

This weekend İstanbul will be home to celebrations of the annual European Day of … Twelve cultural institutes and consular missions in İstanbul


Bridge maintenance to be started in Istanbul

Turkey?s Makyol and Japan?s IHI yesterday won the contract to repair and structurally maintain the two bridges over the Bosphorus

Istanbul hosts first ever Islamic geometric arts

The Istanbul Center of Design and the Ensar Foundation are working with the Istanbul municipality of Ümraniye to host the first ever symposium of Islamic Arts

Ara Güler photo exhibition: A reflection on the Istanbul he got to know

Organized within the scope of ?Turkish-European Association Intercultural Art Dialogues? and the ?Art and Life,? Ara Güler?s exhibition opens in Brussels

Top 7 Reasons to Visit Istanbul ? Witt Magazine – Witt Istanbul HotelErlend Geerts

Istanbul has it all: history, culture, traditions, amazing landmarks, vibrant nightlife, and breathtaking views. My 7 reasons why you should plan a trip to Istanbul.

Istanbul: City of MusesJakarta Globe

Last week in Istanbul, I came across a building ? or rather, a ?cabinet of curiosities? ? that upended all my assumptions about what constitutes a Museum and

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