The Guardian piece: “Uneasy truce holds as Kurdish guerrilla forces withdraw from Turkey… A roundup…

Uneasy truce holds as Kurdish guerrilla forces withdraw from Turkey

Peace process stalls between PKK fighters led by Abdullah Ocalan and Turkish government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Kurdish politician urges government, PKK to take steps

Kurdish politician Kemal Burkay has urged the PKK to withdraw from Turkey as soon as possible and the Turkish state to rapidly take steps to ensure a lasting solution.

Trouble ahead unless government takes a step, says Demirtaş

If the ruling AKP continues to refrain from taking strong steps for resolution, the peace process will face ?serious trouble,? says BDP co-chair Demirtaş

PKK set to hold civilian demonstrations on Sept 1: Intel report

An intelligence report has warned about PKK’s civil disobediance actions

Education in Kurdish not written in charter

All political parties, except the Peace and Democracy Party, agree not to include any article over the right the education in mother tongue

Landmark Kurdish conference in Arbil postponed for second time

A planned Kurdish National Conference gathering Kurdish figures from Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria, which had been set to take place in Arbil this month has been postponed to November


Western financial prescription has made Turkey ill

Before the financial crisis Turkey was ‘ripe for investment’. Now domestic unrest has driven that cheap money out of the country, plunging it even further into crisis

Back in the hazy, innocent days before the financial crisis, a small gathering of journalists was treated to an enthusiastic, chart-packed presentation about fund managers’ next big money-making ideas.

Turkish political party suggests formation of ?Islamic NATO?

The leader of Turkey?s Felicity Party (SP) has suggested that Muslim countries unite to establish an ?Islamic NATO?

Turkey?s state news agency starts broadcasting in Kurdish

Turkey?s state news agency, Anadolu Agency, began broadcasting in Kurdish Sept.1 in the language?s Kurmanji and Sorani dialects


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