Journalism roundup: NSA hacked into Al Jazeera?s communication system…Drone Journalism…

New Snowden leak claims the NSA hacked into Al Jazeera?s communication system

There are more reports of the NSA?s international spying efforts after German newspaper Der Spiegel claimed that the US intelligence agency hacked into the internal communication system at Arab broadcaster Al Jazeera, a feat that helped it intercept dialogue with ?interesting targets.?


An unholy mixture: surveillance, the law and a setback for journalism

We should not underestate the seriousness of the government’s attacks on those seeking to expose its surveillance secrets. At stake is not only what the state is entitled to do to the public, but what journalists are entitled to do to expose it and perform the vital role of public watchdog.

New York Times improves its recommendations engineDiscussions about the future of news often feature a dystopian, filter-bubbly argument: Let people personalize the news they consume and it?ll kill the common conversation essential to democracy.


Chelsea Manning Case Surfaces Issues of Transparency, Security, Journalism, and Sexuality

Chelsea Manning, formerly Bradley Manning,* was a soldier in the United States Army who leaked over 700,000 classified documents that revealed U.S. government violations of the Geneva Convention, indiscriminate slaughtering of civilians committed by the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan, and hundreds of classified U.S. diplomatic cables.

Drone journalism programs try to get back in the air

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Middle West journalism school in possession of open skies must be in want of a drone journalism program. Megan O?Neil at the Chronicle of Higher Education:


What?s New in Digital Scholarship: Reporters ignoring technology, the continuing power of print, and booze on Facebook

Editor?s note: There?s a lot of interesting academic research going on in digital media ? but who has time to sift through all those journals and papers?

Gawker?s trying native advertising in its comments

Of course, Gawker would probably argue that ?comments section? isn?t the right frame for thinking about its all-content-has-status platform Kinja. Alex Kantrowitz in Ad Age:

Sometime next Wednesday, celebrity scientist Bill Nye will take a seat in front of a computer and invite the internet to ask him whatever it wants. But he won?t be taking the questions on Reddit, a medium famous for its ?Ask Me Anything? sessions. Rather, Mr. Nye will be operating within the comments section of Gizmodo, a Gawker Media website on a page sponsored by State Farm. The entire interaction, from start to finish, will be an ad.

The Miranda Warning

Over the past decade, the United States has stretched the definition of ?terrorism? to justify or disguise expansions of surveillance and war. In 2003, President Bush declared thatoverthrowing Arab dictators was part of the ?war on terror.?


Comment Sections Are Wastelands Ruled by Trolls. Here Are Alternatives

Online comments are trollish and broken. Luckily, there are some great alternatives.


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