Syria update: Russia ‘absolutely’ unconvinced by Syria chemical attack claims

Russia ‘absolutely’ unconvinced by Syria chemical attack claims

Russia is totally unconvinced by the evidence presented by the United States and its allies

Powellism, Conservatism and Syria

Enoch Powell highlighted the differences between England’s vision of itself and its reality, but has this led ideology to be chosen over pragmatism in the Commons rejection of the Syria vote?

Syria (Photo credit: ewixx)

France to give lawmakers proof Syria regime behind chem attack: Source

France will hand over evidence to lawmakers Sept.2 proving President Bashar al-Assad‘s regime was behind last month’s chemical weapons attack in Syria

Syrian military retaliation against Turkey ?madness?: PM?s chief adviser

Any military retaliation by Syrian against Turkey following an invasion of the Arab republic would be madness

Russia sends intelligence ship to Syria coast: report

Russia has sent a reconnaissance vessel from its Black Sea fleet to the coast off Syria


MAIN FOCUS: US Congress to vote on Syria intervention | 02/09/2013

US President Barack Obama on Saturday made the unexpected announcement that he would wait for Congress’s approval before launching a military strike against Syria. This is a bold move that could give Obama the support he needs, some commentators write. Others fear that Damascus will interpret the decision as a sign of weakness.

Turkish lira, markets heal on lower Syria concerns

The Turkish stock market has begun the day with gains and the dollar retreated against the Turkish Lira


Obama?s dramatic gamble on Syria

The president?s decision to seek Congressional approval for strikes on Syria ranks as the least expected moment of his presidency ? and probably his riskiest

Hollande wrongfooted by US move on Syria

Obama?s decision compounds a domestic situation already made difficult for French president by vote against military action in UK parliament

US threatens Syria amid threat of fresh Western war in Mid-East

Green Left Weekly

Material about the invasion of Iraq leaked to WikiLeaks, other media revelations, a parliamentary inquiry and a decade of mobilisations by the anti-war movement have made it impossible for the British government to manufacture pretexts to invade Syria

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