Poverty threshold continues to rise in Turkey, the Gov’t relies on chauvinism such as Battle of Manzikert celebrations….

1071 Alparslans mark Battle of Manzikert

A total of 1071 young men named Alparslan from across Turkey gathered in the Malazgirt district of the eastern province of Muş to mark the Battle of Manzikert

Poverty threshold continues to rise in Turkey

The hunger and poverty lines for a four-member family have continued to rise in Turkey, a recent survey has shown


Turkey has high rate of higher education students over 30

Around 825,000 of higher education students that studied during the 2012-2013 academic year in Turkey are over the age of 30


Turkey’s Gaziantep close to patenting the baklava, its trademark sweet and syrupy delight

The southern city of Gaziantep is close to receiving official international acknowledgment for its trademark baklava dessert

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