As a sort of workaholic, this is the first time in this summer to be out of town for pleasure. I initially intended to spend some time in Black Sea region mountains but summer school classes lasted longer than I expected and could not leave town on time.

Antakya/Hatay is one of the cities I have always wondered about. This city is in the border of Turkey and Syria – yes, i could not totally escape from my news junkiness- known to be great for foodporn! Such delicious food. However, unlike many other friends, I don’t like to take photos of food I eat. So there won’t be any food photos here. However I will list. So far, I had Parmak kebap, Hünkarbegendi, Ekşi Aşı çorba, Kireçte Kabak Tatlısı ve Haytalı.

Here is an old building in the city center:

Here is a spot in otherwise a bustling open bazaar. (Uzun Çarşı)

And yes, I could not resist the temptation and I and my friend Ceren walked to a neighbourhood called Armutlu, known to be hotbed for leftist activism and witnesses some of the major protests during Occupy Gezi. Here is a slogan: “Long live Chaves, the commander.

One of the 5 martyrs of Antakya, Abdullah Cömert was allegedly killed by police right in this spot in Armutlu. Here is a commeration spot for Mr. Cömert. We later went to pay a visit to Abdullah parents… They live in Armutlu, too…

Well, now I stay in this cool cafe in the city center again. I might delve into another round of foodporn but I am a bit sad after the Armutlu visit…

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