EFD Rights Watch: 108 soldiers commit suicide since 2012…Columnists As Biggest Hate Speech Makers in Turkey…

108 soldiers commit suicide since 2012, Turkish defense minister says

The Turkish defense minister said that 166 soldiers have committed suicide or been killed in accidents across the country in the last year and a half

50 Percent of Rape Victims Are Children, TÜİK Says

According to Statistics Institute of Turkey, sexual assault crimes have climbed by 30 percent in the past 5 years. 409 state officials including policemen, soldiers, specials ops troops, village guard or prison guards charged with rape in the past 15 years left unpunished.

Soldier to be charged with terror in leak case in Turkey

A gendarme accused of leaking secret documents on the Reyhanlı bombings in Hatay will be tried at a special authority court as a terror suspect


Ruling AKP officials express grief over beating of Gezi protester

Ruling Justice and Democracy Party (AKP) officials expressed outrage via Twitter on Aug. 22 over the beating of a Gezi Park protester to death

Turkey?s religious head refuses UN fund for violence against women project

President of the Directorate General for Religious Affairs (Diyanet) Mehmet Görmez declared that the department would refuse to continue receiving loans for an ongoing United Nations-led project in Turkey

?Columnist As Biggest Hate Speech Makers in Turkey?

Hrant Dink Foundation has released its quarterly report on ?Hate Speech in Media and Discriminatory Discourse? for the January – April 2013 period. Columnists marked as the biggest hate speech makers in Turkey. It also included the media coverage on BDP and HDK?s trip to Black Sea Region.


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