Sea of lies… CNN denies apology over Turkey coverage while Suspect in Gezi protester?s death released…

CNN denies apology over Turkey coverage

CNN International took it to Twitter to respond to debates around a caption error regarding a ruling party rally in Turkey.

Suspect in Gezi protester?s death released

An Eskişehir court has released S.K., who was allegedly involved in the beating death of 19-year-old Gezi protester Ali İsmail Korkmaz, while ordering him to report to a police station once a wee


Gezi protests are exercise for reconciliation between people: BDP’s activist deputy Önder

‘Some are trying to oppose the Gezi process and the peace process as though they were incompatible,’ said BDP lawmaker Sırrı Süreyya Önder

Fifteen detainees sent to court in Gezi Park investigation in İzmir

Fifteen people, detained in the fourth wave of police raids as a part of investigation into Gezi protests in four cities

Former police officer accused of murder through torture arrested

Former deputy police chief Ahmet Okuducu, sought with a red notice for the death of union member Süleyman Yeter was captured

Turkish daily faces probe for likening officer to dog

An investigation was opened into the Turkish daily BirGün?s report and photo of a policeman biting a protester?s arm during a protest in Istanbul.

For Turkish Authorities, The Flag Is A Weapon, The Machete Is Not

?If citizens cannot trust that laws will be enforced in an evenhanded and honest fashion, they cannot be said to live under the rule of law. Instead, they live under the rule of mencorrupted by the law,” says Dale Carpenter, a reputed professor of law from the U.S.

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