In the mean time, Turkey sees Morsi as Egypt?s President… A FP roundup…

Turkey sees Morsi as Egypt?s President, Turkish FM says

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said that Turkey still recognized Mohamed Morsi as the Egyptian President

Turkish FM denies Israel used Turkish base in Syria attack

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has denied claims that Israel used a Turkish military base to launch an attack against Syria

 Turkey police crack down on Syria aid workers

The finger of blame which the Turkish government pointed at foreigners for orchestrating anti-government protests that rocked the country now appears to target foreign aid missions helping internally displaced Syrians.

US envoy arrives as Egypt freezes assets of top Islamists

A senior US official flew into Cairo early Monday, hours after Egypt’s prosecutor ordered the freezing of assets belonging to 14 top Islamists

Turkey studying ?annotated roadmap? for visa liberalization with EU

Turkey is working on a formula proposed by the EU to modify the roadmap for visa liberalization for Turkish citizens

No Turkish contractors in Egypt

Turkish contactors have not undertaken any projects in Egypt in the last two years due to the political issues in the country

Turkish ships turn to Suez to circumvent Egypt route

The government mulls supporting Turkish transporters who have been hit hard by the Egyptian incidents, by using a route passing through the Suez Canal

Tactical retreat: Ultras lying low in Egypt, Turkey rallies

Supporter groups are less visible in street protests in Egypt and Turkey after playing key roles in earlier stages of demonstrations. In çArşı?s case, detentions of its members may have played its part

Turkish and Arab political Islam ?differ in secularism?

The political Islam in Turkey has embraced secularism, unlike similar movements in Arab countries, says Yaşar Yakış, a former Turkish foreign minister

Is Turkey a loser and Israel a winner in Egypt?

Before getting into an international political analysis on the Middle East following Egypt?s coup

Egypt and the Turkish disease

Egypt?s ?democratic? (sic !) coup d?etat is reminiscent of similar political events from pre-2002 Turkey. We can all recall the repeated interventions and coups d?etat perpetrated by the Turkish generals against democratically-elected politicians who happened to displease them, together with the killings, the tortures, arbitrary arrests and prison terms. The same scenario is now playing all over again in Egypt : incredibly, soldiers of the national army have taken sides in a political dispute and have killed more than 50 of their co-nationals. Overnight, they have become just bunch of assassins in military uniforms.

How did Tamarrod topple the Muslim Brotherhood?

Tamarrod didn?t exclude any political faction from its mission, whether the armed forces, or National Democratic Party members ?who weren?t convicted of any crimes?, as long as they shared the same end-goal.

Image by the Lebanese artist, Rola Khayyat. (Twitter: @rolakhayyat). Used with permission.

Meet the Men (and Women!) Who Will Try to Govern Egypt

CAIRO — As Egypt’s new government takes shape, the appointments to key positions are providing the most revealing look yet at its priorities. A picture is emerging of a team focused on assuring the international community about Egypt’s fate, and improving the economic situation to lessen the chances of the sort of massive unrest that helped destabilize the country’s previous regime.


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