“Istanbul court rejects ministry?s appeal to suspend Gezi redevelopment…

Istanbul court rejects ministry?s appeal to suspend Gezi redevelopment, pending definitive ruling

An administrative court which had suspended the redevelopment plans of Gezi Park late May, has rejected today a government appeal against the ruling

Brazilian Tear Gas Used Against Turkish Protesters

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This post, written by Bruno Fonseca and Natalia Viana for Agência Pública, was originally published as a report entitled ?Bomba brasileira na pele turca?  (Turks Feel a Brazilian Bomb Firsthand) and is part of the special coverage #IndústriaBrasileiraDeArmas (Brazilian Weapons Industry) on the weapons lobby and industry in Brazil. The story will be published in a series of three articles on Global Voices Online. This is the first part of the series.

Turkey after Taksim

Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso

Another express survey conducted by Bilgi University found out that a mere 6% want a military intervention. Contrast that with the so-called republican rallies of 2007 venting off their rage at the prospect of a headscarved woman becoming Turkey’s

Turks question police use of force

Police handling of Turkish protests questioned

Living in Taksim – Report June 15-16, 2013

It’s been over two weeks. It’s still hard to write, and we still cannot enter the park, so I’ll try to tell this mostly through pictures and videos.


Is It Over?

Is Gezi over? I doubt it. The situation remains sensitive. Police action has tended to be in early morning hours or at night (perhaps to deter identification of police), while during the day Taksim is again the territory of strollers and tourists

Egypt, Brazil, Turkey: without politics, protest is at the mercy of the elites | Seumas Milne

From Egypt to Brazil, street action is driving change, but organisation is essential if it’s not to be hijacked or disarmed

Two years after the Arab uprisings fuelled a wave of protests and occupations across the world, mass demonstrations have returned to their crucible in Egypt. Just as millions braved brutal repression in 2011 to topple the western-backed dictator Hosni Mubarak, millions have now taken to the streets of Egyptian cities to demand the ousting of the country’s first freely elected president, Mohamed Morsi.


What Aussie Turks Think About Gezi

Watch a fiery discussion on SBS Insight, Australia?s leading weekly television forum for discussing ideas. The audience was composed primarily of Australian Turks, with guest speakers (including me) beamed in.

From Egypt to Turkey: Is ?the problem? Islam?

In the past few weeks, in both Egypt and Turkey, arguably the two most significant countries of the Muslim Middle East

A Jewish-Thai conspiracy to stop the Turkish spaceship

Egypt?s deeply troubled president, Mohamed Morsi, proved to be too uncreative compared to his Turkish brothers in arms..

Officer accused of killing Gezi Park protester Sarısülük given police protection

A police officer who allegedly shot and killed Ethem Sarısülük during a Gezi Park protest in Ankara last month has been granted police protection


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