Eurosphere roundup: Apple under antitrust probe pressure

Europe quizzes operators over Apple sales practices, hinting at plans for antitrust probe

European regulators are looking into the possibility that Apple is employing anti-competitive tactics to give it an unfair advantage in mobile markets across the continent.

How Apple’s Alleged Tax Avoidance Changed Its Image


The U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations claims that Apple didn’t pay taxes on at least $74 billion in overseas income by setting up subsidiaries in other countries.


Oxfam urges EU to keep its word to Palestinians over settlements

Oxfam reveals failure of the EU in preventing expansion of illegal settlements in the Palestinian territory and urges it to put its words into action


Deconstructing detention in Britain

Immigration detention and borders are cultural and historical constructions which criminalise and traumatise migrants. They are neither inevitable nor a given, says Nath Gbikpi.


Britain, Ireland, and Europe

British Prime Minister David Cameron is increasingly beholden to Conservative backbenchers who want to pull the UK out of the EU. On May 22, former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband delivered the Irish Business and Employers Confederation Annual Lecture, in which he defended continued EU membership.

Europe?s Clash of Generations

EU leaders are under pressure from a new generation of voters, for whom the original purpose of European integration ? preventing war ? holds little significance today. If EU leaders do not respond effectively, emerging political parties will seek to restore the protective national barriers that their predecessors demolished.

Europe?s Lost Keynesians

There is no magic Keynesian bullet for the eurozone?s woes, despite what many commentators and much of the public seem to believe. The eurozone?s difficulties stem from European financial and monetary integration having gotten too far ahead of actual political, fiscal, and banking union ? not exactly a problem that Keynes tried to address.

Alexandre Gabriac, French media’s ‘favourite fascist’

The six-month protest against the gay marriage bill (which became law on May 18) has turned.

France?s anti-gay marriage movement eyes future fights

In the wake of Sunday?s last-ditch demonstration in Paris against a new French law legalising same-sex marriage..

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