Reyhanlı bombings. Conspiracies abound. Media blackout doesn’t help…

Head of accused group denies responsibility, blames Israel for Reyhanlı bomb attack

Former leader of the the organization that was accused for the recent twin blasts that killed


Reyhanlı bombings show importance of Turkey?s EU bid

Last week I was one of the guests of the Monocle 24, the radio station launched by the Monocle magazine

Will Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan surrender?

Turkish officials confirmed that May 11?s deadly explosions on the Turkish-Syrian border are linked

Turks query government?s Syria policy

The government is trying to calm the public down after the bomb attacks in Reyhanlı in an effort to prevent


Arrests and Calls for Calm in Turkey

The authorities said they had arrested nine people in the bombings in a border town near Syria, as the government moved to keep the attacks from inflaming tensions.

Turkey’s epic conspiracy trial cements gains of civilian leaders

Globe and Mail

Starting out with widespread popular support, the Ergenekonprosecution and other similar investigations and trials constitute ?a sustained and prolonged attempt to reduce the role of Turkey’s military in the system,? said Bulent Aliriza, head of the


Rebel speaker blames Muhabarat for attack

The Syrian secret police, known as the Mukhabarat, is cooperating with some groups in Turkey.


Car bombs lead some to question Turkey’s security

REYHANLI, Turkey (AP) ? Anti-government protests flared for a third day on Monday in Turkish town devastated by two powerful car bombs near the Syrian border, and some Turks accused their leader of putting the nation’s security at risk by backing the rebels fighting Syria’s government

Turkey vows response to Syria as toll increases

Turkey will not hesitate to respond to twin car bombings it has blamed on Syria, yet it will give this..

Turkey’s PM says Syria opposition not behind bombings

Demonstrators denounce twin bombings in the border town of Reyhanli, while Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan says there is no connection between the attack and the Syrian opposition. Sarah Sheffer reports



Death toll in Turkey up; Syria opposition blames Assad

The death toll from the twin car bomb attack in Reyhanli on the Turkish-Syrian border rises to 49 as Syrian opposition leaders accuse the Syria government of involvement in the attack. Sunita Rappai reports.


Turkish media review: Reyhanli bombing

Turkish media see Reyhanli attack as watershed

MAIN FOCUS: Turkey caught up in Syria conflict | 13/05/2013

Turkey has blamed the Syrian regime for Saturday’s bomb attack in the Turkish border town of Reyhanlı, which claimed the lives of 46 people. Damascus rejects the accusations. Commentators write that Ankara is increasingly being drawn into the Syria conflict, but that an international military intervention would pose excessive domestic risks for Turkey.

Turkish PM criticizes main opposition?s Syria stance

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan criticized today the main opposition.



Wise Persons hear minority woes

Members of minority communities voice their problems and demands, including churches, schools and districts


First PKK Group Completes Withdrawal, Everyone Excited

The first group of PKK guerrillas – 7 men and 6 women – arrived at South Kurdistan Media Defense Area along with journalists Hasan Cemal and Erdal Er

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