“Anyone Can Be Found on Social Media in 12 Hours…”How Facebook Teams Up With Data Brokers to Show You Targeted Ads

Anyone Can Be Found on Social Media in 12 Hours

from Mashable! by MIT Technology Review

The Disconcerting Details: How Facebook Teams Up With Data Brokers to Show You Targeted Ads

from EFF.org Updates by Kurt Opsahl and Rainey Reitman

Recently, we published a blog post that described how to opt out of seeing ads on Facebook targeted to you based on your offline activities. This post explained where these companies get their data, what information they share with Facebook, or what this means for your privacy.


Anonymous leads 200+ websites in April 22 blackout to protest CISPA

from The Next Web by Josh Ong

Reddit Blacks Out Some Comments to Protest CISPA

from Mashable! by Todd Wasserman

Finnish website go dark tomorrow to call for copyright reform

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

As I’ve written before, Finland has an amazing grassroots legislation system that allows citizens to put any proposal with more than 50,000 popular endorsements to a Parliamentary vote, and the test-case for it is an eminently sensible copyright reform proposal that has been wildly successful. Tomorrow, Finnish websites will go dark and invite their readers to sign the petition, moving the proposal to Parliament.


CISPA Anyone? Exposing Pirates at The U.S. Government

from TorrentFreak by Ernesto

Since the SOPA and PIPA uproar last year the Internet has become increasingly aware of the U.S. Government?s attempts at meddling with the web.


Let’s Bring Digital Liberties into the Big Conversation

from Boing Boing by Aengus Anderson

How capitalism is turning the internet against democracy, and how to turn it back

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Guy Aitchison

As capitalist corporations have come to dominate the internet, is it possible to fulfil the genuine democratic potential of this technology within the context of the current economic crisis? A review of Robert McChesney?s new book Digital Disconnect: How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy, beyond the stale debate between ‘celebrants’ and ‘sceptics’.


Your Legal Guide to Digital Security for Arab Human Rights Activists

from Global Voices Online by Neil Sadler

The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression, in Egypt, issued a ?legal guide to digital security? as part of its digital freedoms programme. The guide was produced for campaigners and human rights activists and lawyers interested in freedom of digital expression and the confidentiality of communications and information stored on mobile phones, computers or any other device used to store or distribute data or information. They argue that security problems can present a risk to both users and others, particularly in the case of users living under repressive regimes that restrict freedom of expression and the right to privacy and in countries where activists using the internet and other digital services often face vague charges such as ?misuse of communications networks? or ?insulting individuals and organisations by means of digital publishing?.

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