EFD Rights Watch: Child Workers Near 900,000 in Turkey

Child Workers Near 900,000 in Turkey

from Bianet :: English

According to a recent report released by Turkey’s main statistics institute, there are currently 893,000 child workers with half of them not going to any school in Turkey

On Turkish Media: What I Told Al Jazeera and They Couldn’t Air

from The Istanbulian by Emre Kızılkaya

Al Jazeera had interviewed me in its Istanbul office in late January. They finally informed me today that they didn?t get to use the interview in the piece that they aired last week as “something happened to the tape” and they couldn?t get it to work back there in London. So, I’d like to share the transcript of their questions and my answers here:

Deputy Tuncel Ordered to Pay Fine For Slapping Police Chief

from Bianet :: English

A Silopi district court ordered Peace and Democracy Party deputy Sebahat Tuncel to pay roughly 12,000 euros for slapping a police chief at a Newroz celebration in 2011.


Turkey ‘s Proposed Judicial Reform Insufficient, says Rights Group

from Yahoo News Photos

Turkey ‘s proposed judicial reform package may not go far enough, according to U.S.-based Human Rights Watch. The proposed reforms are intended to end Turkey ‘s record run of violations of the European Convention on Human Rights. Turkish Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin claims his judicial reform package, introduced in parliament earlier this month, seeks to end the country?s negative image at the .

European Syriacs propose new commission for their return to Turkey

from Hurriyet Daily News

Following Culture Minister?s call for the return of Syriacs to Turkey, a Sweden-based organization has sent a letter requesting the establishment of a commission.

Major tried for ?rape of soldiers?

from Hurriyet Daily News

A Turkish major is being tried by a civilian court for forcing several soldiers under his command…

Social Rights in Turkey and the EU accession

from Blogactiv by kadersevinc

Süleyman Çelebi, CHP İstanbul deputy, Member of Health, Family and Social Affairs Commission I would like to provide you with a summary of CHP?s appeal to Constitutional Court for cancellation and stay of execution of the relevant articles and provisions of the Law on Trade Unions and Collective Agreements (Law 6356). Süleyman Çelebi CHP Deputy

Kızıldere Massacre Victims Commemorated on 41st Anniversary

from Bianet :: English

Roughly a thousand people assembled in downtown Istanbul on Saturday to commemorate the Kızıldere Massacre on its 41st anniversary with their slogan “The history of resistance and solidarity is our honor”


Istanbul courts have only three Kurdish translators

from Hurriyet Daily News

Only three Kurdish translators are presently on the Istanbul Justice Commission?s list.

Main opposition CHP’s deputy head visits deputies in jail

from Hurriyet Daily News

Main opposition Republican People?s Party (CHP) deputy leader Umut Oran strongly criticized the prosecutor?s opinion in the Ergenekon case.

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