Eurosphere roundup: Google faces European privacy probe… Headscarf debate in France… Cyprus…

Google faces European privacy probe

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition

Six European data protection bodies are to launch coordinated investigations into Google’s privacy policy


Islamic headscarf debate rekindled in France

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition

Court ruling tests power of French secularism

Slovenia dismisses Cyprus comparisons

from – World, Europe

A spike in borrowing costs underscore investor worries that Slovenia?s distressed banking sector could force it into a financial rescue


A Chance to Reunify Cyprus

from NYT > Turkey by By MICHAEL MOLLER

The economic crisis and other new realities create an opportunity to end the division of Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus watches neighbour?s anguish

from – World, Europe

This year marks half a century of the Cypriot dispute and 45 years of fruitless negotiations between the island?s Greek and Turkish sides

Cyprus crisis: No Russian bailout

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition

The Russian government says it will not compensate Russian savers who have lost money in the Cyprus banking crisis.


Peace in Cyprus: Is it more likely today than it was in 2004?

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Aslan Amani

The 2004 Annan Plan to re-unite the island failed spectacularly; but within the current economic crisis there is room for reconciliation in Cyprus.


Russians let Cyprus woes wash over them

The visitors from the north are showing the locals how to keep cool in the face of crisis, writes Courtney Weaver


A turbulent Easter in Cyprus

by Open Europe blog team

Uncertainty continues to reign in Cyprus. Cypriot Finance Minister Michalis Sarris resigned this afternoon, seemingly confirming the earlier (denied) rumours that he had previously tried to resign and bringing to a close what must be one of the shortest stints as finance minister in recent history (35 days). To add fuel to the fire, initial reports suggest he resigned due to the on-going investigation into people moving funds out of Cyprus ahead of the bailout. Fortunately, unlike other aspects of the crisis, the Cypriot government has wasted no time in appointing a successor with Labour Minister Haris Georgiadis already lined up to fill the role.


Greek Cyprus finance minister resigns

from Hurriyet Daily News

Oil prices rose on Tuesday as concerns over the Greek Cyprus bailout eased, analysts said.

While Germany is accused of domination its taxpayers feel increasingly vulnerable

by Open Europe blog team

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Open Europe Director Mats Persson argued that, while Germany has emerged as the ?chief villain? of the eurozone crisis in the wake of the Cypriot bailout, ?It is easy to see why German taxpayers have had enough.? He added, ?two vital pillars of Germany?s post-war policy ? commitment both to Europe and to sound money ? are now clashing head on. This is fuelling frustration?Perhaps it?s not surprising, therefore, that this month saw the launch of Germany?s first anti-euro party, Alternative für Deutschland.?


Spain admits wide miss of deficit target

from – World, Europe

Madrid forecasts that it will fall short on this year?s budget by 6 per cent, making a much smaller improvement in its finances than it had planned

Slovenian parliament unanimously ratifies Croatia?s EU accession (News)



Italy 2013: collapse, revolution or renaissance?

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Francesco Grillo

It is a strange country that risks killing off Europe having been one of its founding and most reliable members. To move away from the sterile politics of the past twenty years, Italy has to come up with something new – but what?

Young and good looking: the saviours of Europe?s Left

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Lasse Thomassen and Marina Prentoulis

They are young. They are good looking. They are well spoken. They may just be the saviours of the European Left.

MAIN FOCUS: Ten wise men to help Italy | 02/04/2013

from euro|topics

Italy’s President Giorgio Napolitano has appointed a group of experts that this Tuesday will begin working on proposals for a reform of the country that are meant to pave the way for the formation of a government. According to some commentators this step won’t be enough to end the political stalemate either. Others are optimistic that the ten wise men will make Italy governable once more.


A dangerous UK consensus on free movement of workers in the EU

from Blogactiv by euromove

The UK government?s competence review, which will form the backbone of the renegotiation of the UK relationship with the EU that the Prime Minister wants to achieve ? has not been completed. Yet there are no prizes for guessing one of the targets in its sights: freedom of movement of workers. The UK government has

EADS and the future of armaments cooperation

from Ideas on Europe by Daniel Fiott

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