For some, Karaköy, Istanbul’s coolest new hotspot…Istanbul news roundup…


Karaköy, Istanbul’s coolest new hotspot

The Guardian

Once a thriving port, Karaköy fell on hard times in the 20th century, and magnificent commercial edifices were divided into workshops. The opening of the nearby IstanbulModern art gallery in 2004 sparked a renaissance that has gained momentum in the

Istanbul hopes to impress IOC panel

Jakarta Post

After four unsuccessful attempts, Istanbul is ready to pitch its bid for the 2020 Olympics by stressing Turkey’s robust economy, plans for modern venues and a two-continent backdrop. The city of nearly 15 million, which straddles both Europe and Asia



GİLA BENMAYOR – Istanbul: The city paved with gold

MIPIM Fair, the leading real estate fair in the world, hosted Turkey as the ?Country of Honor? along with over 20000 guests.


Sounds of Istanbul by youth

Hurriyet Daily News

Istanbul Modern is continuing its workshops for young adults. Open to young people older than 16, the Garanti Youth Workshops provide people with the opportunity to express themselves through art, meet artists, discover diverse techniques and acquire


Simon Calder’s Holiday Helpdesk: Advice for an Istanbul cycling trip

The Independent

In my experience bikes when checked in as luggage tend to go missing more frequently than other baggage, so don’t plan an immediate cycling trip when you reach Turkey. And take care out there: cycling in Istanbul is never dull, but sometimes feels

Istanbul: The city paved with gold

from Hurriyet Daily News

MIPIM Fair, the leading real estate fair in the world, hosted Turkey as the ?Country of Honor? along with over 20,000 guests..


Istanbul, Turkey Activity Guide & Things to Do – Gidsy

Perched nicely atop two continents, with a rich history dating back to the Byzantine era, Istanbulhas always succeeded in mixing the old with the new. The city

Villes océanes : Istanbul au c?ur du Bosphore

by Acturca

Télé Poche (France) no. 2458, lundi 18 mars 2013, p. 124 France 3, Thalassa, Vendredi 29 mars, 20h45 Présentation : Georges Pernoud et Laurent Bignolas «Istanbul la bouillonnante». Carrefour des civilisations, véritable meltingpot humain, cette ville de quinze millions d?habitants est une mégalopole jeune, fière de son passé et ouverte à toutes les influences. «Le


Shalom, Istanbul: A Jewish Culture Guide

Shalom Life

And we’re off, to anywhere and everywhere, as we say ‘Shalom’ every week to different global travel destination. World cities, provincial towns, and even the most unassuming of suburbs are infused with Jewish history and culture, some of which is


Short Film Festival arrives in Istanbul

Hurriyet Daily News

The festival’s ?Special Screening? section will present ?Laterna, the Beauty of Pera,? a film by Nilüfer Saltık as the project designer, about the barrel-organ (Laterna), one of the indispensable musical instruments for the residents of Istanbul in the


The Istanbul That Might Have Been, and Might Still Be

The Atlantic Cities

Sometime in the not-so-distant future, visitors to Istanbul will be able to soar above the Bosphorus, crossing the famous strait on a transcontinental aerial tramway, the city’s mayor, Kadir Topbaş, announced last month. With Istanbul in the throes of


Istanbul’s netherworld: the sunken palace

Yahoo!7 News

It is a rather unimposing entrance, located not far from the world-famous Hagia Sophia, that leads down into Istanbul’s netherworld. You go down steps into the cool, damp darkness, and then you’re standing in a huge cathedral of pillars. The locals


Turkey to spend billions improving Istanbul-Bursa connections

The National

Arabian Gulf travellers, including Emiratis, have travelled to Istanbul in droves to see the Blue Mosque and the city’s Islamic heritage sites. But Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, which is a four-hour bus and ferry ride from Istanbul


ECONOMICS – Istanbul to have its own arbitration court

Turkey is set to establish a privately managed arbitration center in Istanbul in which companies

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