Oscars in the age of Social Media… crowd-funded documentary ?Inocente? wins Academy Award…iPhone App Made An Oscar-Nominated Film Possible…

Kickstarter comes of age as crowd-funded documentary ?Inocente? wins Academy Award

from The Next Web by Josh Ong

How an iPhone App Made An Oscar-Nominated Film Possible

from Mashable! by Emily Price

25 Oscar GIFs That Deserve Their Own Award

from Mashable! by Neha Prakash

Entire Oscars Show Posted Online for First Time Ever

from Mashable! by Samantha Murphy

Oscars Recap: Best Moments and Winners

from Mashable! by Samantha Murphy

Google?s Epic ?Year in Film? Video Features Oscar?s Best

from Mashable! by Anita Li

Film director Tim Burton makes a cameo in Samsung?s Oscars commercial

from The Next Web by Jon Russell

From top dresses to last-minute surprises, Google Trends from the Oscars

from The Official Google Blog by Emily Wood
As millions of people tuned in to watch the 85th Academy Awards, many also turned to the web to keep up with the action. Here’s a look at the Oscar nominees and moments that captured the world’s imagination and brought people to Google Search.

Five Great Oscar-Winning Supporting Roles

from The Criterion Current

Brooker’s Black Mirror decodes our modern dread of technology

from Boing Boing by Leigh Alexander
The English have a coy euphemism for addiction: ?more-ish.? It summons the delightful anxiety in surrendering your control to something else, the ambivalent cocktail of desire and guilt. We feel it flickering in the periphery, and we feel our smartphones in the middle of a restaurant dinner.

The enemy within: the new antagonists in Hollywood

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Marijn Nieuwenhuis
There has been little ambiguity in Hollywood movies over the years as to who the bad guys are. But there has been a paradigm shift in recent years – the threat is now found within our midst. The great Hollywood coercion machine makes it clear that no one is safe as we ourselves have become the enemy.

The creepiest kisses in film history

by Xeni Jardin

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