According to “the winner is ? Islamophobia [Argo]

And the winner is ? Islamophobia

from by tabsir

The moral ambiguity of Homeland or Argo is a fitting tribute to the reality of US Middle East policy
by Rachel Shabi, The Guardian, Monday 14 January 2013

Bigelow: “I’m a pacifist,” so your “Zero Dark Thirty” criticisms are invalid

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin
Kathryn Bigelow: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ torture criticism is invalid, because “I’m a pacifist.” The problem isn’t so much that torture scenes existed; but that their presence in a faux-documentary made the case that real-world use of torture was justified. Argo helmer Ben Affleck has an opinion. (

Best movie posters of 2012

from by Jason Kottke
From MUBI Notebook’s Adrian Curry, a round-up of the best movie posters of 2012.

Django in chains: American racism and the bootstrapping myth

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Matthew Cole
The ideology of Tarantino?s new film resists the necessary dismantling of white supremacy – the system of structural racism that privileges white people over others, regardless of the presence or absence of racial hatred.

Atom Egoyan: Life and His Cinema

from U.S.A.K. Blog

Prof. Dr. Sedat LAÇİNER


Mr. Egoyan was born in 1960 in Cairo (Egypt) as the first child of Joseph and Shushan Yeghoyan. Then the family was in the furniture business. However, his parents were interested in arts.

Joseph Yeghoyan, in his youth, had studied painting in the Art Institute of Chicago. Sources say that the reason behind the family naming their first-born ?Atom? was the building of the first nuclear reactor in Egypt (Siobhan Rossiter, ?Atom Egoyan?, Northern Stars,; ?All about Atom?, http:/

Turkish films easily accessible on the web

from Hurriyet Daily News
TurkishFilmChannel, a Seattle-based distribution company for Turkish films online, has recently opened…

Islamist salvation makes way to prime time with TV series

from Hurriyet Daily News
The popularity of the new TV series, ?Huzur Sokağı (Serenity Street), adapted from a ?salvation novel…

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