January is a month of loss? R.I.P Prof. Toktamış Ateş

We have lost Toktamış Ateş this morning. Prof. Ateş was a professor of economics but he was mostly known with his pro-Atatürk standing and arguments. Unlike many other pro-Atatürk scholars or personalities, he was keen on openly discussing/argumenting on issues related to Atatürkist tought, a tolerant, open minded scholar. I happened to be around him, listening to him while having lunch or having coffee from time to time. He had an office in our Bilgi University as he was once a member of Board of Trustees here. God bless him…

Turkish professor and columnist Toktamış Ateş passes away

from Hurriyet Daily News
Professor and Bugün daily columnist Toktamış Ateş passed away at the age of 68..

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