EFD Rights Watch: Turkey lifts ban on thousands of books, but attempts to ban new ones…Steinbeck, Brad Pitt movie…

Another novel on the spot…

AKP Men Don’t Wanna Watch Brad Pitt, Don’t Wanna Say “Vagina”

from The Istanbulian by Emre Kızılkaya

Two recent examples to show how progressive the AKP leaders are:


* Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc condemned an opposition MP for saying “vagina” during her speech at the parliament floor. “I was ashamed,” Arinc told.

Censoring Steinbeck in 2012 is not a human thing to do: Culture Minister

from Hurriyet Daily News
Günay has harshly criticized the demand to censor a number of “immoral” parts of Steinbeck’s famous novel..

Remove Brad Pitt movie from Turkish cinemas: Minister

from Hurriyet Daily News
Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay has criticized Hollywood star Brad Pitt?s latest…

Steinbeck censor bid stirs uproar

from Hurriyet Daily News
Two novels which are on a government list of books every child should read, are now part of a censorship debate. Culture Minister Günay likened the attempt to the previous censorship of a verse by poet Yunus Emre

Soner Yalçın, Imprisoned Journalist, Released

from Bianet :: English
The 12th High Criminal Court in Istanbul ordered the release of Soner Yalçın, an imprisoned journalist since February 2011 who was charged with “being an Ergenekon terrorist organization member”, “igniting hatred and revenge amid public” and “publishing top secret government files”.

Turkey lifts ban on thousands of books

from Yahoo news
Government reforms in Turkey have meant thousands of books banned over the decades are no longer restricted

Brave Turkish daily Taraf felled by offstage government axe

from World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk by Peter Preston
Turkey still has more journalists in jail than anywhere, and now its outspoken daily, Taraf, has ‘lost’ its two key editors

Turkey’s Popular Jailhouse Authors


… one of the recently released suspects in the OdaTv trial told Al-Monitor that when they were sent to prison, he and Baris Pehlivan, another suspect in the OdaTv case, were just about to finish their co-authored book on all things related to Turkey


Turkish President to meet ODTÜ rector at presidential palace

from Hurriyet Daily News
Turkish President Abdullah Gül has invited the rector of Ankara?s Middle East Technical University

TIMELINE: What Happened in Roboski?

from Bianet :: English
December 28 marked as the first anniversary of Roboski Massacre, where 34 Kurdish civilivians on the southeastern border lost their lives after a Turkish military air strike. While the official investigation has yet to transform into prosecution, the beloved ones of Roboski victims demand for justice.

Journalist Soner Yalçın feels resentment

from Hurriyet Daily News
Journalist Soner Yalçın is free after 682 days in jail as part of the OdaTV case, but he remains upset at being a suspect in what he claims is a fabricated case.

The Tweet That Dishonored Turkey

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White
Conceptions of honor and honorable behavior in Turkey clearly don?t include attitudes toward disabled people. This has been witnessed incessantly in the media and in daily life by the experiences of disabled people and their treatment by society, by their government, and now by a notorious tweet. (For a laundry list of despicable behaviors, see the posts under the category ?Disabled? on this blog.)

50 shades of Turkish censorship

from Hurriyet Daily News
In what amounts to a set of one irony after another, Turkey is freeing hundreds of books from decades of exclusion while simultaneously threatening to ban two world classics

At Least 878 Workers Die in 2012, Report Says

from Bianet :: English
At least 76 workers were reported to have died at work in December 2012 while the total number of worker casualties reached 878 in the entire year, according to a work safety organization report.

Bonne année 2013 (quand-même) monsieur Ahmet Altan.

from YOL (routes de Turquie et d’ailleurs) by anne


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