In the mean time, “Turkey to resume NATO cooperation with Israel

Turkey to resume NATO cooperation with Israel

from Yahoo news
Turkey has agreed to drop its ban on cooperating with Israel as a third-country NATO partner, a diplomat says.

NATO Selects Three Patriot Sites in Turkey

from The Istanbulian by Emre Kızılkaya
The three NATO Allies which have agreed to provide Patriot missiles to augment Turkey?s air defences ? Germany, the Netherlands and the United States – have agreed on the locations where the batteries will be deployed, NATO announces.

Ahmadinejad cancels visit to Turkey

from Yahoo news
TEHRAN, Dec. 16 (UPI) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad canceled a planned visit to Turkey after his military chief warned against deploying Patriot missiles on Turkish soil.

Spurned Turkey looks east after EU courtship falters

from World news: Turkey | by Phillip Inman
There is a growing sense of separation between the country and its European neighbours, despite Nato membership
When European leaders look back on their mistakes, barring Turkey from entry to the EU might rank among the most serious.

Who remembers Turkey?s pre-accession?

by Acturca
CEPS Special Reports, No. 75, December 2012, 23 p. Centre for European Policy Studies Philipp Böhler, Jacques Pelkmans and Can Selçuki * In 2005 the EU and Turkey officially started accession negotiations that were intended to lead to Turkey?s full membership of the EU. Yet today, the Turkish accession process has virtually ground to a

Turkey and EU in 2013

by Acturca
Today?s Zaman (Turkey) Thursday, December 13, 2012, p. 15 Ibrahim Kalin The title of my piece is a bit strange because there is nothing special in sight about 2013. Turkey started accession talks with the EU in 2005. But little has been achieved in terms of the opening and closing chapters. The annual EU progress

Turkey and the Politics of Water

from Yahoo news
Turkey’s AK Party government has long described itself as the pivotal power of the Middle East. However, the country’s power is less than it is cracked up to be ? and, paradoxically, more than it is often assumed.

Spurned Turkey looks east after EU courtship falters

by Acturca
The Guardian (UK) Monday, December 17, 2012, p. 24 Phillip Inman Ford?s decision to make the Transit van in tax-free Kocaeli displays a more cavalier attitude in Ankara, writes Phillip Inman. When European leaders look back on their mistakes, barring Turkey from entry to the EU might rank among the most serious. After decades of

Turquie, frontière de l?Europe?

by Acturca
Le Monde (France) mercredi 15 décembre 2004 Cahier du Monde : Turquie, frontière de l?Europe? Quels sont donc ces Turcs qui frappent à la porte de l?Union européenne ? Le débat est ouvert parmi les Vingt-Cinq, et en particulier en France, sur ce pays à la charnière de l?Europe et de l?espace arabo-musulman et à

Les Turcs déçus par l?attitude de la France

by Acturca
l?Humanité (France) mercredi 15 décembre 2004, p. 4 Hassane Zerrouky L?opinion publique se sent trahie par les obstacles que Paris semble vouloir ériger à l?adhésion. Dans les rues d?Istanbul et d?Ankara, une large majorité de Turcs ne comprennent pas les réticences exprimées, notamment en France et en Allemagne, à l?endroit de l?adhésion de la Turquie

Will Turkey Find its Place in Post-Crisis Europe?

by Acturca
GTE Policy Brief (Istituto Affari Internazionali) N° 5, 14 December 2012, 6 p. by Nathalie Tocci and Dimitar Bechev * On the face of it, the Eurocrisis has infused yet more alienation into the already detached relations between the EU and Turkey, formally still involved in accession talks. Many Turks look at the trouble-stricken and

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