Americana roundup: “Gun Control Petition is Most Popular Ever Posted to White House Site

Gun Control Petition is Most Popular Ever Posted to White House Site

from Mashable! by Nextgov

Residents of All 50 States Have Filed Secession Petitions

from Mashable! by Nextgov

Iran: Netizens Reflect on Four More Years for Obama

from Global Voices Online by Arseh Sevom
Originally published at Arseh Sevom by Peyman Majidzadeh
The confetti has settled and the US elections are quickly fading into the background. Americans voted for President Barack Obama on Tuesday November 6, 2012 sealing his re-election. In the most expensive election campaign in the history of United States, as the Center for Responsive Politics [en] reported, Obama won 332 electoral votes against 206 of the same for Romney. Although only American citizens were eligible to vote, people around the world followed the results closely. With Iran featuring as one of the main topics of US foreign policy, it’s no surprise that Iranians took a great interest in the election. The majority of Iranians wanted Obama to win to avoid what they saw as a probable war, despite the fact that many see the crippling economic sanctions as no less than a silent war against ordinary people in Iran.

Republicans Flame Romney?s Digital Team

from Mashable! by National Journal

Why Republicans lost ? but can win again

The six key words back to competitiveness are culturally modern, economically inclusive, environmentally responsible, writes David Frum

Facebook Mines 2012 Election ?I?m Voting? Data

from All Facebook by Jennifer Moire

Coffee shops vs 2012 election results

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

Non-Secession White House Petitions Surge

by Nextgov

Obama and Maroney are not impressed

from Boing Boing by David Pescovitz

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