Cyberculture roundup: Pew Research on Cell Phone Activities 2012…Research on Facebook friends…European Parliament votes to protect WikiLeaks

Cell Phone Activities 2012

from Pew Internet Rss Feed: Reports
Photo taking, texting, and accessing the internet are the most popular activities people pursue with their mobile phones

Google launches ?Defend Your Net? campaign in Germany to protest against planned copyright restrictions

from The Next Web by Matt Brian

For Google, what is happening in Germany right now is a very big issue. If the German Bundestag (government) gets its way, the search giant could be forced to remove publisher content and made to pay for the snippets it displays in search results.


RuNet: Russia on the Chinese road?

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Irina Borogan
A new internet law came into effect in Russia this month. Ostensibly designed to tackle extremist websites, the list of banned sites has already cast a much broader net. Things are likely to get even worse, says Irina Borogan.


Calls mount for Twitter to ban Hamas-linked Twitter accounts, but should it?

from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm
It?s a new world, and a new war. At the beginning of the recent escalation of violence between Israel and forces present in the Gaza Strip, the nation took to Twitter and Facebook to announce its military actions. Small groups have long used social media to broadcast their messages, but for a wealthy, developed nation to do so was new.


How Greek Journalists Use Digital Media to Cover the Financial Crisis

from MediaShift
As the financial crisis came to reign over Greece, big-name print newspapers began shutting their doors. News sites struggled to find resources. Journalists went unpaid. Print ad revenues continued to drop. TV channels slashed their budgets.


2012-11-20 European Parliament votes to protect WikiLeaks

from WL Central by admin

The newsonomics of native, indigenous, and immigrant content

from Nieman Journalism Lab by Ken Doctor
We?re being bombarded with news of a new species of content. ?Native advertising? is all the rage, intermixing elements of journalism and commercial speech. This Thanksgiving week couldn?t be a more appropriate time to consider what we might call native, indigenous, and immigrant content.


11 Biggest Social Media Disasters of 2012

by Seth Fiegerman

Women in Gaming Tweet About Sexist Industry With #1reasonwhy

from Mashable! by Chelsea Stark

STUDY: More Facebook Friends, More Problems

from All Facebook by Justin Lafferty

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