Social roundup: Not happy teachers in Turkey.. No more ‘erotic’ stores but ‘love’ stores… Anti-Evolution Showgirls…

Turkish PM changes ‘erotic’ stores to ‘love’ stores

from Hurriyet Daily News
Following a warning from Ankara’s Atakent municipality, the signboards of “erotic stores” have been

Teachers in Turkey far from being happy: Poll

from Hurriyet Daily News
On the eve of Nov. 24, Teachers? Day, a survey carried out by a local union showed that more than half.

Adnan Oktar?s Anti-Evolution Showgirls

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

rolloff and ALDER analysis of Turks

from Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog by Dienekes
I carried out rolloff analysis of the Behar et al. (2010) sample of Turks together with the sample of Uzbeks from the same, and the Yunusbayev et al. (2011) sample of Armenians. A –geno 0.03 flag was applied for merging and SNPs available in the Rutgers recombination map for Illumina chips were used.


Inside Turkey?s Kurdish insurgency: No sex, no swearing, no Quran

from Yahoo news

Volunteers who join the Kurdish insurgency against Turkey must abandon Islamic religious practice and must forego ?emotional ties? to anyone outside the group, as well as swear words and sex,

Turkish Kurds’ jail hunger strikes fails to move Erdogan government

from World news: Turkey | by Constanze Letsch

Political inmates’ strike enters 43rd day as PKK and allies condemn Ankara over denied civil rights and armed conflict

While many have hailed Turkey as a democratic role model since the start of the Arab spring, the country’s treatment of its large Kurdish minority begs the question of whether such praise is justified. After months of increasing violence and the ever more hawkish stance of the AKP government, the Kurdish issue seems to have reached an impasse.


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