It is the 62nd day in hunger strikes…and PM’s response is to reconsider Death Penalty…. EFD Rights Watch..

PM insists on continuing debate on death penalty

from Hurriyet Daily News
Bringing the death penalty back into the Turkish legislative system has apparently become a permanent agenda item for Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan..

PM Urges to Reconsider Death Penalty

from Bianet :: English
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, calling hunger strikes as ?show?, ?blackmail? and citing examples from the world, declared on Sunday: ?We should reconsider the death penalty in Turkey.?


Reinstating capital punishment

from Hurriyet Daily News
It was a great accomplishment for Turkey to erase the death penalty altogether..


Turkey offers concession to Kurds

from – World, Europe
The move to allow defendents to use Kurdish languages comes as politicians warned that thousands more prisoners could join more than 600 already on hunger strike


As Turkey Rises, ‘A Real Problem’ With Censorship

from Yahoo news
The country is disputing a new report that names it as the world’s leading jailer of journalists, with scores behind bars ? ahead of Iran, China and other authoritarian states. Ongoing international attention to Turkey’s treatment of the media has raised hope that reforms could be forthcoming.

Will Erdogan do nothing to save the lives of Kurdish hunger strikers? | Binnaz Saktanber

from World news: Turkey | by Binnaz Saktanber
More than 700 of Turkey’s citizens are risking death over their civil rights, yet their prime minister shows little concern
If you knew that more than 700 of your citizens might die soon, what would you do to stop it? That is the question that the Turkish government and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, faced with the massive hunger strike by Kurdish prisoners, now in its 58th day, need to answer.


Kurdish politicians join militants’ hunger strike in Turkey

from Yahoo news
DIYARBAKIR (Reuters) – Six of Turkey’s leading Kurdish politicians have joined hundreds of jailed militants and activists in a hunger strike now in its 60th day to call for a rebel leader to be allowed to see lawyers, one of them said. Osman Baydemir, mayor of Diyarbakir in predominantly Kurdish southeastern Turkey, said in a statement on Saturday that he had stopped eating. Five Kurdish members

Men Killed 10 Women and Raped 16 Women in October

from Bianet :: English
According to data compiled by bianet, 10 women and 1 infant were killed by men in October 2012. 16 women and teenagers were raped and 8 women wounded. 1 rape victim committed suicide.

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