Erkan’s Berlin/Germany trip starts tomorrow (22-28 October)

I will attend a workshop that I am really excited about. The first part took place two years ago in Istanbul, Boğaziçi University and now comes the part 2 at Humboldt University at Berlin, Department of European Ethnology and Collaborative Research: Re-Ordering the Social ? Producing Change: Contemporary Ethnographies of Turkey in an Interconnected World

You can find the program and other details about the workshop here. My presentation entitled as: “Citizen journalism practices as a case of an ethnography of emerging cybersphere in Turkey”

In fact, this will be the first time I will be the first time in Germany and as usual I did not have time to do much research about the city or the trip in general. I have some friends to hang out, I have the workshop to attend, as usual I will collect local newspapers as souvenirs and I will probably check out heavy metal bars:)

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