A social fabric roundup. Orhan Pamuk’s latest revelations, RIP: Müşfik Kenter, “Prayers and Products”, “Scientific” Racism

In Memoriam | Müşfik Kenter (1932-2012)

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M


Müşfik Kenter (9 September 1932-15 August 2012) was a Turkish award winning actor, focused mainly theater and voice acting. His sister Yıldız Kenter (October 11, 1928, Istanbul) is also a famous Turkish actress and lecturer. They are the founders of well known independent Kenter Theater.

Turkish author Pamuk likens secular class? attitude to South African racism

from Hurriyet Daily News
Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk likened the attitude of the…

Orhan Pamuk: Turkey’s enemy within finds peace

The Independent

The view from the balcony of Orhan Pamuk’s apartment in the hilly Istanbul district of Cihangir is almost absurdly apt. The minarets of the Cihangir mosque are in close enough proximity that the muezzin’s amplified call to prayer renders all

Prayer and Products: The Enchantment of Capitalism in Turkey

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

A billboard message to youth: Collect points for praying that you can then trade in for these products. (Note, no girls in the picture. They?re busy winning gold medals in London; see next post.)

?Scientific? Racism in Divinity School Magazine

from Bianet :: English

Curriculum Changes: Elective Religion

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White
Three to four hours of elective religion classes have been added to the national curriculum (click here). I?m not sure what the previous situation was, as it had undergone some changes over the past years. I believe Islam was already an elective part of the curriculum, but I don?t know for how many hours or what the content was. The new elective courses are quite time-consuming for a school curriculum that is far behind in teaching math, science, and a lot of other things (3-4 hours of religion electives are possible), but one of the courses does plan to teach about different religions and beliefs (including Christianity and Alevism). It would be interesting to see the textbook for that class.


An article that appeared in a magazine published by the Faculty of Theology at Uludağ University engages in racism under the guise of ?science,? according to Turkish-Jewish writer Roni Marguiles. Deputy Dean Recep Cici refused to comment on the issue to bianet.

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