Part 3 in Erkan?s adventures to go to Finland. Day 1.

I could finally got the passport, rushed back to my parents’ place, which was on the way, used their broadband I have been paying, dealt with some departmental issues online, went over some issues related to trip and here I am: In a Nilufer Seyahat bus to Ankara. I got the bus terminal at 17.55, took the bus at 18:00 but due to repairs at the 2nd Bosphorus bridge could not leave Istanbul before 20:00. In the mean time, the bus had a minor accident, dealt with the car driver whose car was hit by ours and now we are on our way planned to arrive by midnight. Yes, the bus has wireless service! and I decided to write these. Then I will switch back to reading A Modern History of Kurds, which is an easy but sad reading.

I will stay at Şaban’s place. He is the only remaining friend from the military service, another older ordeal I had. Whenever I go to Ankara, I definitely meet him. He is cool.

Şaban and Erkan in the army;) Year 2000


From Istanbul to Ankara to get to the Finnish embassy…


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