Remembering the Sivas Massacre…. #SivasiUnutmaUnutturma

sivas katliamı

Sivas massacre – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Sivas massacre (Turkish: Sivas Katliamı, Madımak Katliamı) refers to the events of July 2, 1993 which resulted in the deaths of 37 people, mostly Alevi

Sivas Massacre to be Commemorated on 19th Anniversary

Journal of Turkish Weekly

Rival commemorations will be held in the Central Anatolian province of Sivas today for 35 people who were killed in a 1993 arson attack on a

POLITICS – Trial on Sivas Massacre dropped despite protests

English :: Sivas Massacre – Procedures Time-Barred – Bianet

Sivas massacre case dropped on statute of limitations

Sivas Katliamı mitingi, Kadıköy-İstanbul, Pentax k5, photos by ozgur ozkok






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