Zahra Abtahi: Iranian celebrities in Google Plus: Vahid HD

Iranian celebrities in Google Plus: Vahid HD

Not many Iranians use g+, as much as they use Facebook, considering the fact that g+ is not filtered, “yet”, though FB has been filtered since 2009, last Presidential Election. However, most of the people who use g+ are the ones who used to use Google Reader, or as is called among Iranian users; “Gooder”.
Vahid HT is one them, who was a main celebrity in Gooder with a little difference in his username: “Vahid Online”
Vahid HT is male and lives in Washington. It’s all you can find about him in his profile. He usually posts and shares news, centering around Iran and its problems, sort of news you can’t find in Iranian “official” websites, because they don’t look at the subject through Islamic Republic Propaganda, shares  news from websites which are banned and filtered inside Iran like BBC Persian.
His posts are mostly in Persian, sometimes the body in English and the Persian translation as its note. He has the most followers in g+ among Iranians; almost all Iranians in g+ are following him. For me, and most of g+ users, I suppose, he is a reliable source of news.
See his page:

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