“29 Free Oscar Films on the Web” and a cinema roundup

Can film-makers ever play it fair when it comes to depicting war?

from World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk by Phil Hoad
There’s always a loser when two sides go to battle, and movie dramatisations of historic events are no different

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Truth is famously the first casualty of war ? and that goes double as soon as a film crew moves in. Turkey has discovered this with its recent bastion-storming blockbuster, Fetih 1453 (Conquest 1453). A scimitars’n’CGI blockbuster account of the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans in the 15th century, it is the country’s most expensive film ever ($17m budget), most popular (4.6m tickets in its first 18 days) and most lucrative ($29m and counting).

29 Free Oscar Films on the Web

from Open Culture by Dan Colman
How about some hors d?oeuvres meant to accompany the main course, the 2012 Academy Awards? We scouted around the web and found 29 Oscar-winning (or nominated) films from previous years. The list includes many short films, but also some long ones, like Sergei Bondarchuk?s epic version of War & Peace. Sit back, enjoy, and let us know if we?re missing any other Oscar winners?

Iran state TV says Oscar win victory over Israel

from Hurriyet Daily News
Iran’s state TV described the country’s foreign film Oscar win on Monday as a victory over Israel, in a gesture of official approval toward an Iranian movie industry criticized by hardliners.

Turkish Taboos Challenged by Success of Movie About Gays – TIME

?Fetih 1453? receives ?R? rating in Germany

from Hurriyet Daily News
Germany has prohibited the presentation of Turkish film ?Fetih 1453? to viewers under the age of 16…

‘Fetih 1453’: İstanbul, not Constantinople!

Sunday’s Zaman

And just like on that day, ?we? conquered İstanbul and still feel proud about it in our collective memories, and we can possibly feel proud of this major Turkish blockbuster, with its high production values, not to mention that it will probably be

Kayip Mezar (la tombe perdue) a fait de sa réalisatrice, Mizgin Mujde Arslan, une suspecte kurde de plus..

from YOL (routes de Turquie et d’ailleurs) by anne

C’est sa propre histoire que la réalisatrice kurde Mizgin Mujde Arslan raconte dans ce film, qui sera présenté au festival du film d’Istanbul, qui commence le 31 mars prochain. Celle de son père, qu’elle n’a jamais connu. En 1982, un an après sa naissance, il avait rejoint le PKK. Des années plus tard, sa famille apprendra qu’il a été tué. Une histoire qui est aussi celle de milliers familles de Turquie et qui est tellement peu une apologie de la guerre, que sa réalisation a été subventionnée le ministère de la culture et du tourisme…qui devait bien avoir connaissance du sujet !

?Conquest 1453?: An addendum

from Hurriyet Daily News
First I must declare it openly: I did not watch the movie. I was going to, though; until I received a note by a Greek

Turkish director?s film wins award at Berlinale

from Hurriyet Daily News
Turkish filmmaker Emin Alper?s ?Tepenin Ardı? has won the Caligari Prize at the 62nd Berlin Film Festival, considered one of the world?s leading film festivals.

Famous pianist denies having worked on ?Fetih 1453?

from Hurriyet Daily News
World-renowned Turkish pianist Fazıl Say has expressed anger at being incorrectly named as the..

Some lessons I learned from Yilmaz Güney | Bleader

New Zeki Demirkubuz Film

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

Very fitting source novella.

Mavi Boncuk |

New Zeki Demirkubuz film ‘Yeraltı|Underground’ based on the Dostoyevsky classic ‘Notes from the Underground’ [1] will be released in April 13, 2012. The story the life of civil servant Muharrem (Engin Günaydın) and was recently filmed in Ankara.

Engin Günaydın and Nihal Yalçın in a scene from ‘Yeraltı’

Turkish Director of ?Ask Your Heart?, Yusuf Kurçenli, Passes Away | Greek Reporter Europe

When empires clash: Turkish historical film reflects a modern nation’s confidence

Washington Post

ISTANBUL ? Turkey is on a roll these days, uplifted by economic growth and regional diplomacy. Now comes a film to boost the feel-good mood, an epic about the 15th century fall of Constantinople that fuses national pride with Hollywood-style ambition

Yoghurt and murder with Nuri Bilge Ceylan

by Acturca
The Guardian (UK) Thursday 1 March 2012, G2 ? p. 18 Stuart Jeffries It won the Cannes grand prix ? but people have been walking out of Nuri Bilge Ceylan?s film about Turkish cops. Stuart Jeffries finds him unrepentant. ?The problem with Hollywood,? says Nuri Bilge Ceylan, ?is the audience expects to get the answers

Women’s journey in Turkish cinema

To celebrate Women?s Day, here?s a brief look at women in Turkish cinema and how they took…

Turkish Films of 2011

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

Mavi Boncuk | A to Z Turkish Films of 2011.

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