EFD Rights Watch: Cihan Kırmızıgül finally released; A promoted police chief; Child Abuse Tragedy in Prison continues…




Student Cihan Kırmızıgül Released


Bianet – 2 days ago

University student Cihan Kırmızıgül was released pending trial at the eighth hearing of his case on Friday (23 March). The Galatasaray University student is



Penalty for Defending Murder with “Tradition”

from Bianet :: English
The Diyarbakır Bar Association decided for a warning penalty for the lawyer who referred to ‘honour’ regarding the murder of Gülitan Gümüş and said “The killed woman was not innocent”. Lawyer Kanar appreciated the decision although it came with delay.


Turkey: Child Abuse Scandal Puts Spotlight on Prisons

An unofficial Turkish parliamentary investigation into physical and sexual abuse of Kurdish children in juvenile detention centers is raising rule-of-law concerns in Turkey.

Turkey Human Rights Institute Must be Autonomous

Five human rights organizations criticized the draft bill regarding the Law on the Human Rights Institute of Turkey submitted to parliament. They stressed that a human rights institute formed without the contribution of the civil society and controlled by the state was meaningless.

Publication Ban for Özgür Gündem Newspaper

The publication of the Özgür Gündem newspaper was suspended for one month. The Gün Printing Company was raided by the police and the Sunday’s issue of the newspaper was confiscated.

Threat to Human Rights Association – Website Hacked

The website of the Human Rights Foundation has been hacked. The attackers threatened the organization saying “One night we might suddenly come”.

Erdoğan Scolds Media: ‘Are You Deaf?’

At a meeting of the AKP Faction, Prime Minister Erdoğan made statements about this year’s Newroz celebrations and the government’s new regulations for relatives of “martyrs” with reference to the recent helicopter crash in Afghanistan. A side blow also went to the media.

7 Alleged RedHack Members Arrested

Seven people were arrested because of their alleged membership in the RedHack group. RedHack commented, “The arrested people are not our members.” and announced to proceed more radical from now on.

Turkey “Country of Particular Concern” for Religious Freedom

According to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, Turkey is among the 16 countries of particular concern regarding religious freedom. Other countries in the same category are e.g. Iran, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

Newroz Came with Tear Gas and Police Violence

BDP Deputy Ertuğrul Kürkçü talked to bianet about the massive police intervention against the Newroz celebrations in Mersin. Kurdish politician Ahmet Türk was beaten by the police in Batman and underwent medical treatment.

Police Officers Posed with Murderer Samast after Offence

Police officer Yakup Kurtan who had his picture taken with Ogün Samast, murderer of Turkish-Armenian journalists Hrant Dink, holding the Turkish flag after the offence was promoted to Deputy Chief of the Malatya Police.

Academic Ersanlı Alleged of Being KCK Executive

According to the indictment of the trial related to the Union of Kurdish Communities prepared by Prosecutor Çimen, Prof Ersanlı is facing imprisonment of 22.5 years on charges of leadership of an illegal organization. Nobel Peace candidate Zarakolu is facing 15 years in jail.

104 Journalists and 35 Distributors in Prison

After the release of journalists Şık, Şener, Musluk and Çakır, there are still 104 journalists and 35 newspaper distributors in Turkish prisons. 74 out of 104 journalists and the entire number of distributors are form Kurdish media outlets.

Laws alone will not protect women

Turkish lawmakers unanimously passed a bill last week which aims to curb violence against women. In the meantime …


Armenians ask for equal citizenship in new charter

Acting Patriarch Aram Ateşyan, the religious leader of Turkish Armenians, asked for equal citizenship for all the Turkish Republic?s citizens …

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