a journalism roundup: social media policies; news in the age of participatory media etc…

10 Types of Foundation-Led Projects Changing the Local Media Landscape

from MediaShift

Local foundations are becoming key players in the emerging local news ecosystem by funding news and information projects or creating their own.

David Skok: Aggregation is deep in journalism?s DNA

from Nieman Journalism Lab by David Skok
Below are a few quotes. Can you guess when each was written, and to what they refer?
Just what I want to read and just what I have time to read.


News in the Age of Participatory Media

from …My heart’s in Accra by Ethan
I?m teaching my first class at MIT this spring, a ?special topics? class at the Media Lab. (This is evidently how new classes get launched at MIT -they?re ?special? the first year before they become official. All that means, I think, is that you need my permission to take it.) If you?re a student at MIT, or another Boston/Cambridge institution, hope you?ll consider joining us.


Can The Huffington Post Reinvent Cable News?

from Mashable! by Christina Warren

Introducing Social Pulse: Reuters’ new social media hub

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Emma Heald

Facebook’s $5 billion IPO filing this week has left the world in little doubt about the growing importance of social media in our lives. Now, both adapting to this trend and looking at its power, Reuters has launched a social media hub with a special focus on the interaction between social media and business.

Social media at The New York Times: aiming to be different and meaningful

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Emma Heald“Be strategic, be different, and strive for meaningful interactions,” advisedLiz Heron, social media editor at The New York Times, speaking about social media at news:rewired in London on Friday.

Guardian, FT and Mozilla on how to tackle online video

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Emma Heald

“Thank God we’ve moved away from the time when you think you can just put television online,” said David Hayward, head of the journalism programme at the BBC College of Journalism, opening a session on online video at news:rewired in London on Friday.

Spoiler Alert! Tech Is Changing the Way We Even Talk About TV

from MediaShift

(Spoiler alert! The following post includes things that happened on “Downton Abbey,” “The Sopranos” and “Dallas.”)

The post to Facebook on a late Monday morning was simple enough. A photo of actor Thomas Howes as his character William from “Downton Abbey,” along with the status, “Oh, William. We will miss you.”

Are You Part of the 2% (of People Who Get Campaign News From Twitter)?

from MediaShift

Many of you are, like me, among the proverbial “99%” when it comes to economics and income. But if you regularly learn about the 2012 campaign from those you follow on Twitter, as I do, you’re in an elite class of a different sort.

Social media policies: to compete or collaborate?

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Federica Cherubini

You’ve got a scoop, do you tweet it or not?

As a journalist, your news organization might well have a social media policy which doesn’t allow you to do it.

On February 7 Sky News sent an email to staff drawing up new social media guidelines. As the Guardianreported, journalists have been told they are banned from retweeting information from any non-Sky employee. The new guidelines include a warn for journalists to stick to their own beat and to the stories they’ve been assigned to. “Don’t tweet when it’s someone else’s story. Stick to your own beat. Always pass breaking news lines to the news desk before posting them on social media networks” the mail says, according to the Guardian.

It also added: “Where a story has been tweeted by a Sky News journalist who is assigned to the story it is fine, desirable in fact, that it is retweeted by other Sky News staff. Do not retweet information posted by other journalists or people on Twitter. Such information could be wrong and has not been through the Sky News editorial process.”A journa

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