EFD Rights Watch: as Agos daily and Musa Anter books under censorship’s spot, Human Rights Watch warns Turkey

Agos daily website, Armenian community’s paper in Turkey, was deemed not good for kids and was filtered by the request of Turkish Ministry of Education. This has been undone today… In the mean time, books of Musa Anter, assassinated Kurdish intellectual, are also investigated….


Turkey: Credibility Depends on Rights at Home | Human Rights Watch

Group slams Turkey for rights record

Turkey?s international credibility as a rising regional power will be compromised as long as it imprisons journalists, Kurdish political activists and other government critics, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said yesterday in its World Report 2012.

Press freedom ‘terrible’ in Turkey: watch group

Turkey?s record on press freedom remains deplorable, the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has said, adding that it is disappointed the prime minister did not respond to a letter on the issue.


“Journalists are in Prison Because of their Writings”

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Hammarberg found the decision of the Hrant Dink murder trial “disappointing” and questioned why the forces behind the murder have not been investigated. In his opinion, journalists in Turkey are being jailed on the grounds of their critical writings.

Books of Killed Writer Musa Anter Investigated

Ten books published by the Aram Publishing Company became the subject of investigation on charges of “propaganda for an illegal organization via the media”. The investigation also includes works of slain Kurdish writer Musa Anter.

EU needs to push Turkey on press freedom
His detractors say his questions about the government’s conduct in investigating the so-calledErgenekon plot, in which secularists and ultra-nationalists allegedly planned to use terrorism to overthrow the ruling Justice and Development Party ..

Unearthed human remains rise to 19 in southeast Turkey

The number of human skulls found in the vicinity of a former gendarmerie building in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır has increased to 19, the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehmet Mehdi Eker said yesterday.

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