the 5th year of the assassination: EFD Special coverage for Hrant Dink March from Taksim to Agos daily headquarters #hrantdink

hrant dink 01a.jpgmid Sinan Kızılkaya: HRANT?IN ve DEVLETİN HAKKI #hrantdink

Both in English and Turkish I will try to cover the march that is to begin at 13 at Taksim Square in Istanbul… Check out increasing number of  links at this post.

To begin with:

Sinan Kızılkaya: HRANT?IN ve DEVLETİN HAKKI #hrantdink

Taksim?de toplanma başladı? #kardesimsinhrant

Yürüyüş başladı, twitter mesajları, görüntüleri? #kardesimsinhrant @hrantdink

with the verdict, Hrant Dink murdered again.. a news roundup?

In Memory of Hrant Dink. Citizens report from the march?#kardesimsinhrant #agos

In front of Agos daily. Thousands witness?

A few videos on Hrant Dink #kardesimsinhrant

Agos?un önünden son ileti ve görüntü derlemesi? #kardesimsinhrant

A gallery of Hrant Dink imagery.

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