Turkey, the superpower style: “Uludere is a collateral damage case. We will pay what it costs…

?Collateral damage? in Uludere, Şırnak….

Turkey to compensate air strike victims

from World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk
Families of 35 civilians killed in strike meant for Kurdish rebels will receive payments within days, says deputy prime minister
Turkey will compensate the families of 35 civilians mistakenly killed in an air strike meant for Kurdish rebels, the deputy prime minister has said, even as he insisted that military officials followed proper procedures, including firing warning shots.


AFP: Turkey says will pay reparations to families of slain Kurds

ISTANBUL ? Turkey will pay reparations to the families of Kurdish villagers killed in air strikes near the Iraqi border, but will not apologise officially, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said Monday.


Gov?t, opposition split over Van conditions

from Hurriyet Daily News
Uludere?s district governor has said the perpetrators of an attempted lynching launched against him during a visit to the relatives of men killed in an air raid last week were not locals of the southeastern town.

In other human rights lated news: 

The 10 Most Dangerous Places for Journalists

from Bianet :: English
Reporters Without Borders compiled a list of the world’s ten most dangerous places for the media. According to the report, 66 journalists were killed in 2012.


IPI names Turkey an “enemy of press freedom”

from Hurriyet Daily News
The International Press Institute included Turkey in the list of countries friendly with the West but with poor records…

Conscientious Objector Delice on Hunger Strike

from Bianet :: English
Four days ago, conscientious objector Delice started a hunger strike because he was allegedly beaten and forced to pay protection money. According to his lawyer Erkan, torture in prison is done systematically.


Tweeting from court

from Journalist in Turkey, background articles, news and weblog about by Fréderike Geerdink
This week a few important court cases were continuing in Turkey. In Istanbul there was a hearing in the case against the murderers of Hrant Dink (read some more here and here) and also the Balyoz case continued (read more here), in Diyarbakir the KCK trials continued (more info in the same article). In another Istanbul


BİA Media Monitoring Report 2011 – Third Quarter Full Text

from Bianet :: English
In July, August and September 2011, 66 journalists were in jail, 11 of whom because of their writings and utterances. 13 people are facing imprisonment of 334.5 years in total. Most of the trials are based on Articles 7/2 of the Anti Terror Law and 314 and 220 of the Criminal Law.


Returning to the Era of Prisons

by Jenny White
An international group of scholars has begun a collaborative effort to address growing violations of academic freedom in Turkey since 2009. Under the pretext of counter-terrorism operations, countless academics, students, translators, lawyers, and journalists have been arbitrarily arrested, posing an extreme threat to freedom of expression and association. It is a shame that after decades of economic and political successes, just as Turkey is on the cusp of being a recognized world leader, the word Turkey once again is associated with ?prison? just as in the days of ?Midnight Express? and ?Yol?.


79 People Died in Turkish Mines in 2011

from Bianet :: English
A study by the Chamber of Mining Engineers revealed that 79 people died in mines in Turkey in 2011, two of whom were mining engineers. 117 people were wounded.

In political news:

Constitution drive set to dominate 2012 agenda

from Hurriyet Daily News
Parliament?s preparation of a new constitution will be the top item in Turkish politics, while lengthy pre-trial detentions and the debate over the presidential term and elections are also likely to remain in the headlines

Three parties, three conventions

from Hurriyet Daily News
Political parties had a rough year in 2011. They went through a wearisome general election, as well as internal strife and other grueling matters.


AKP to curb opposition?s Parliament speech time

from Hurriyet Daily News
A bill submitted to Parliament by the ruling party to ?speed up the legislative process? seeks to give less time to lawmakers to speak in Parliament…


Brent E. Sasley: The Passions of Erdoğan

from Turkish Digest

Students of international relations spend much time and energy studying leaders of countries, in order to be able to understand, explain, and if possible anticipate their foreign policies. Some of these leaders, though, confound our best efforts by alternating between what seem to be careful reasoned policy and then veering wildly in the opposite direction by letting their unfiltered emotions get the best of them.


Turkish secret service takes over military intel

from Hurriyet Daily News
Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT) took over facilities of the Joint Staff Electronic Systems Command (GES) …

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