2 good news among so many bad news: 22 releases in Hopa Trial, Conscientious Objector İnan Süver Free

22 Releases in Hopa Trial

from Bianet :: English All 22 detained defendants of the Hopa trial in Ankara were released pending trial at the hearing on 9 December. A total of 28 defendants are tried on the grounds of protests against massive police interventions against anti-government demonstrations in Hopa in May.

Conscientious Objector İnan Süver Free

from Bianet :: English Conscientious objector İnan Süver was released after 16 months in prison. His sentence was postponed. Süver told bianet that he was extremely happy to be part of the social life again after his release.

Kurdish Politician Alınak Back to Prison

Mahmut Alınak was arrested again together with Mehmet Ayata, Yalçın Sarıtaş and Sebahat Zeynep Arat upon the prosecutor’s appeal. They were taken to a prison in Istanbul. Alınak had initially been released pending trial after the KCK operation on 22 November.

Qui a tué Murat Elibol (21 ans) ? Comme un relent des années noires à Diyarbakir.

from YOL (routes de Turquie et d’ailleurs) by anne ” Nous sommes tous du KCK”, c’est à dire nous sommes tous coupables. C’est ce slogan que criaient lesdizaines de milliers de manifestantsqui participaient le 3 décembre  à Diyarbakir, au meeting organisé par le BDP et  auquel s’étaient associés les autres petits partis kurdes ainsi que  de nombreuses organisations, pour protester  contre les vagues d’arrestations, qui se succèdent sans discontinuer depuis des mois contre le  mouvement  kurde. En marge du meeting, dans le quartier de Baglar, des affrontements ont eu lieu entre participants et forces de l’ordre.

FEATURE-Hard times for media in Erdogan’s Turkey


By Ralph Boulton ISTANBUL Dec 9 (Reuters) – He has been feted in Arab states as the midwife of Islamic democracy. At home in Turkey, he strides the political stage unchallenged, a powerful army tamed, a hostile judiciary subdued, citizens savouring the .

A Story of Detention at the Airport

Intiqam Aliyev, a human rights defender and lawyer from Azerbaijan was detained with charges of insulting the police officer at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport and beaten. Despite the efforts of the Istanbul Bar Association, Lawyers’ Rights Center, OSCE and Human Rights House he was deported.

Religious community leader detained in İstanbul gang operation

Today’s Zaman

Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü, the leader of an İstanbul-based religious community, was detained on Friday. (Photo: Today’s Zaman) Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü, a leader of anİstanbul-based religious community, was detained on Friday as part of a police operation against a

?000Kitap?: The Book That Is Scandalizing Istanbul

New Yorker (blog)

The government lumped Sik’s case in with the massive Ergenekon trial, an eight-thousand-page indictment of hundreds of people with alleged ties to the Ergenekon group, the rumored Kemalist organization that planned to overthrow the Turkish government

Torture. It?s Back.

by Jenny White

You?re a woman out for a night on the town with members of your family. You?re all sitting in a restaurant watching a show. The police come in to check ID?s. You left yours in the car, so your husband goes out to get it. While he?s gone, the police hit you from behind, handcuff you and and haul you off to the police station, beating you the entire way. At the station, two policemen beat the crap out of you for a lengthy period of time, throw you on the floor, and sexually harass you, all under the bored eyes of other policemen wandering about the room. Then they charge you with resisting arrest (they claim you cursed at them and scratched one policeman?s arm with your nails). Prosecutors want to throw you in jail for six and a half years.

Turkey: Mystery Surrounds Deaths of Defense Industry Engineers


The case was reopened by a specially authorized prosecutor in Ankara as part of the “Ergenekon” investigation, which is probing an alleged ultranationalist gang that stands accused of attempting to overthrow the present government by force.

BİA Media Monitoring Report 2011 Second Quarter – Full Text

According to the BIA Media Monitoring Report for the second quarter of 2011, 68 journalists went to jail till July, 12 of them because of their news, writings and utterances. Turkish courts decided for prison sentences of 44 years and 8 months in total in April, May and June.

Mass Rape Case – Victims Absent at Court

The trial regarding the sexual abuse of four girls by 35 people in Siirt was postponed to 25 January. Defendant Kuzu, a former teacher of the girls, was caught and arrested last week. His file will be tried separately in December.

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