Such a Friday night for Turkey: we lose journalist Cem Emir in the Van Quake; Turkey crushed by Croatia in football; a ferry hijacked…

Van'dan acı haber geldi

Cem Emir’s death is a murder. State officials had declared that the hotel he would stay was not damaged but the hotel collapsed in an aftermath quake…

Turkey quake survivors sought; Death toll rises

from Yahoo news
Rescue teams claw through heaps of concrete for 2 journalists believed trapped in collapsed hotel’s rubble

Unidentified person hijacks ferry in Turkey

by ISTANBUL- Agence France-Presse
Five people hijacked a municipal ferry in northwest Turkey on Friday

Turkey 0 Croatia 3 – Euro 2012 result

from Yahoo news
Turkey 0 Croatia 3 – Euro 2012 qualifying playoff first leg result:

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