Another İstanbul book….Le Corbusier returns to Istanbul…İstanbul news roundup…

Many intellectuals came together to produce this book (in Turkish): İstanbul: Şehir ve Kültür



Le Corbusier returns to Istanbul after 100 years

by ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
santralistanbul is exhibiting Le Corbusier?s works for the 100th anniversary of the famous architect?s journey to the East. His architecture is on view at gallery through the photos of photographer Cemal Emden.

Istanbul’s public drinking dispute is bigger than tables and chairs

Globe and Mail

That kind of talk drives people crazy in the heart of Istanbul’s Beyoglu nightlife district. Bar and restaurant owners say thousands of workers have lost their jobs after a decision in July that swept patio tables off the streets, and they speculate

İstanbul’s concert season opens with violin virtuosity

Today’s Zaman

Violinist Atilla Aldemir opened the 2011-2012 season at İstanbul’s Süreyya Opera House on Monday with a program of Paganini’s ?Caprices.? Solo violinist Atilla Aldemir and pianist Etsuko Miyakoda opened İstanbul’s 2011 classical concert season at the

Istanbul Biennial embraces Middle East

Hurriyet Daily News

The 12th Istanbul Biennial, organized by Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, or İKSV, with the sponsorship of Koç Holding, is billed as one of the most important art events of the year. The event, titled ?Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial) 2011

İstanbul’s rising popularity attracts international hoteliers
Today’s Zaman
The Bosporus and İstanbul’s ?Manhattan,? the Maslak and Levent districts, are seen in this file photo. Thanks to a huge rise in the attractiveness to tourists of Turkey’s largest city, international hoteliers have chosen İstanbul as a new major

Explore your own personal İstanbul at new SALT show
Today’s Zaman
These sentences, defining various concepts as they apply to today’s İstanbul, are a few examples of the work being presented in SALT Beyoğlu’s new show, ?Becoming İstanbul.? On the third floor of this unconventional exhibition, viewers are invited to

A glimpse of Üsküdar

from Journalist in Turkey, background articles, news and weblog about by Fréderike Geerdink
?We want three?, she said holding three fingers up in the air, ?for ten?, showing ten fingers. She giggled, and her friends too. Dutch, I heard clearly from their English accent. The salesman agreed with a big smile. He handed them three pieces of bread with fish and some salad, they sat down on the […

Pettersen gives Laura memories of Istanbul
Daily Mail
Mad keen Liverpool fan Laura now finds herself in her dotage with her very ownIstanbul. Even now, 36 hours on, there is a sense of wonderment. How on earth can you win the Solheim Cup needing two points out of the last three matches when the state of

Turkish Galleries Bask in the Glow of the Istanbul Biennial
By Susan Hayden, Arlene Cohrs The Istanbul Biennial is not for the faint of heart. Where else would one encounter a UEFA Football event between Israeli and Turkish teams on the same evening (and on the same road) as the biennial’s opening?

Europe’s Fastest Growing City Revealed
News Junky Journal
by Elizabeth Brennon on Sep 26, 2011 The shortage of good accommodation and massive demand for apartments in Istanbul and property investment opportunities has led Experience International to launched Richmond House II, investment apartments in

The Istanbul Biennial: Vintage is the new vanguard | The Economist

Istanbul sports film festival kicks off

by ISTANBUL – Anatolia News Agency
Beyoğlu Municipality is hosting the Istanbul International FICTS Festival, a competition for sports-related films.

Istanbul Adventures II: Travel Treasures
Daily Sundial
The board is not just a game or a souvenir from Istanbul. It also helped our traveler meet local people, understand the culture, and bond with the community. Photo Credit: Kat Russel / Daily Sundial It’s no secret one of the great joys of traveling is

Istanbul to host “14th International 1001 Documentary Film Festival”
Turkish north-western province of Istanbul will host the “14th International 1001 Documentary Film Festival” between September 29 and October 3. A press conference was held Tuesday at the Beyoglu Municipality Youth Center to introduce the Festival

14th İstanbul 1001 documentary film festival under way
Today’s Zaman
Thursday marks the opening of the 14th edition of İstanbul’s International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, an annual favorite of Turkish film buffs, set to continue through Oct. 3. Speaking at the festival’s press conference at the Beyoğlu Youth Center

İstanbul to host secret agent 007 on 50th anniversary
Today’s Zaman
As the clock ticks down to the 50th anniversary of 1962’s ?Dr. No? — the first James Bond film — secret agent 007 is set to touch down in İstanbul for the filming of the latest Bond blockbuster. Scheduled for a November 2012 release,

Istanbul to feature the best in design
Hurriyet Daily News
Istanbul State Opera and Ballet opens new season with Donizetti The Istanbul State Opera and Ballet will open its season with new shows. The upcoming season will start with an exclusive show Oct. 8 at the Hagia Irene Church with proceeds benefiting

Inside The Grand Bazaar Of Istanbul With Assouline’s New Book (PHOTOS)

Book outlines 100 places to see in city

by ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Kültür A.Ş., the arts and culture branch of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has released another volume in the ?Istanbul Faces? series.

INTERVIEW-Olympics-Persistent Istanbul confident for 2020 Games
By Karolos Grohmann MUNICH, Germany, Sept 29 (Reuters) – Yalcin Aksoy has failed four times to land the Olympic Games for Istanbul but he is ready for another go as Turkey’s largest city bids for the fifth time in the last six votes

Istanbul International Film Festival Kicks Off
Voice of America
September 29, 2011 Istanbul International Film Festival Kicks Off Dorian Jones | Istanbul This week the city of Istanbul is hosting a ground-breaking international film festival. Called “Crime and Punishment,” it is focusing on military coups

Galata to host Visibility project this weekend

by ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
The seventh GalataPerform ?Visibility Project? will run Oct. 22 and 23 with the motto ?Get Out of the Stage!? The event will bring together artists from seven disciplines to Galata and its vicinity

Istanbul: food, fish, and historical delights
Sonoma Valley Sun
It is a short hop and a skip from Cairo to Istanbul, yet in many ways, worlds away.Istanbul’s climate welcomes visitors with just the right amount of heat and a visual kaleidoscope that is hard to beat. Sitting in one of the hundreds of neighborhood

The 14th Istanbul International 1001 Documentary Film Festival
Tourism Travel Vacation News
Istanbul International 1001 Documentary Film Festival is going to present documentary films for its main screening program under the following 7 themes named by 7 colors. Green ? Nature, human, cities? Films that struggle for a sustainable worldIn

Avrasya Tunnel Project might trigger problems in İstanbul
Today’s Zaman
İstanbul’s Avrasya Tunnel Project, a highway beneath the İstanbul Strait for light vehicles, planned to be finished in three-and-a-half years’ time, will relieve traffic congestion but might have a negative impact on the city’s historical peninsula

Political messages in 12th edition stamp İstanbul biennial among THE best
Today’s Zaman
These are just a handful of the works featured in the vast 12th İstanbul Biennial, a breathtaking compilation of contemporary works concentrated in the Tophane-based Antrepo warehouses. Two weeks since the cloak was ceremoniously whisked back to reveal

?koda in Istanbul

by M.A.M

Tasting Istanbul, From Humble to High Cuisine
New York Times
By LIESL SCHILLINGER SOMETIMES I think it’s no accident that Istanbul’s telephone area code is 212. Despite its minarets and its hilly cobblestone streets, its Grand Bazaar and the sapphire waters of the Bosporus that glide through the city like a

Istanbul biennial: art at the crossroads of the world
Istanbul’s unique East-meets-West setting helps lift its biennial into the super league, says Tom Horan. Istanbul: a boom town at the frontier between Europe and Asia. Photo: Tony Eveling / Alamy By Tom Horan There is no recession in Byzantium.

Firefighting in Istanbul: From pumps to satellites
Hurriyet Daily News
A fire brigade was certainly needed in Istanbul since so many of the structures were made out of wood. Turkey’s fire departments are celebrating the 297th anniversary of their founding this week with the opening of new fire stations and special

The City: Istanbul
Daily Beast
At the confluence of three strategic waters?the Bosporus, the Marmara, and the Golden Horn?the center of Istanbul occupies the skyline like an oriental Manhattan. Its gray-blue stone touches it with a steely glamour. The old palace of the sultans

French Indie Pop musicians bewitch Istanbul’s audience
Hurriyet Daily News
The Do, unlike the other similar bands which recently popped up from Nordic countries, a Paris based band was on stage Saturday in Istanbul. According to the most music sites, their music was added to the Indie Pop artist category, however

Istanbul hotbed for fires, study reveals
Hurriyet Daily News
With its historic buildings, seaside residences and expanding population, Istanbul is the riskiest city in Europe for fires, experts warned Tuesday. According to Professor Abdurrahman Kılıç, head of Fire Security Research Project at Istanbul Technical

Hollywood production sets in Istanbul’s historic venues
Hurriyet Daily News
The show is filmed on location in Istanbul’s historic neighborhoods. Daily Hürriyet spent a day on set for the last two episodes of the TV series The historic places in the city have been opened for the the last two episodes of ‘Missing’ with all their

Can Istanbul become a design capital?
Hurriyet Daily News
Istanbul Design Week has contributed to Istanbul’s reputation in many ways by showcasing Turkey and its designers to the world, forming an international network through design and improving the power of Turkey’s reputation in the field of fashion

Discovering İstanbul’s hidden treasures
Today’s Zaman
Ifly journalist Mike Raanhuis notes that İstanbul is still not a very common destination and therefore has many hidden treasures to write about. Much of any airplane trip is spent killing time in eager anticipation of arriving at your desired

Istanbul to have first Syrian church built in the city
In Istanbul there are about 17 thousand Syrians, who mostly fled coming from the south east of the country in the mid 80s. Istanbul (AsiaNews / Agencies) – The Syrian Christian community in Turkey has received approval for the construction of its firs

Walking İstanbul’s land walls from Mermerkule to Ayvansaray
Sunday’s Zaman
For many visitors to İstanbul the first glimpse they get of the historic city is from a fast-moving vehicle as their taxi races through the gap in the great Theodosian Land Walls that was made in the 1950s when the Sahil Yolu (Coast Road, later renamed

Istanbul. What are the differences between the Asian side and …
By admin
Istanbul is a city divided by the sea located on two continents: Asia and Europe. There are, of course, some differences between two sides, Asian (Anadolu) side and European (Avrupa) sides of the city in terms of lifestyle, history, transportation

Chris Dziadul Reports: Istanbul insights
Broadband TV News
The three ‘buzzwords’ at this week’s IP&TV Forum in Istanbul were undoubtedly multiscreen, OTT and ?? perhaps not surprisingly ? IPTV. Although the event did not focus on any particular market, it provided useful insights into developments in a number

Istanbul’s Haliç Shipyard celebrates its 556 years
Hurriyet Daily News
Istanbul’s historic Haliç Shipyard, where the maintenance and renovation of ships owned by city lines and private institutions are carried out, is now 556 years old. The historical shipyard is home to cultural events Maintenance and restoration of all

Istanbul Theater stages Armenian writer’s work
Hurriyet Daily News
Istanbul Municipal Theater is getting ready to stage famous Armenian writer Hagop Baronyan’s ‘the Eastern Dentist’ in its new season. ‘Armenians are the foundations of Turkish theater,’ says art director Şamlıoğlu. This photo shows the actors and

Istanbul Biennial
by Patricia Watts This year’s 12th edition of the Istanbul Biennial (Sept. 17-Nov. 13, 2011), designated ?Untitled,? is likely to disappoint — that is, if you are looking for what we might expect from a biennial: a large, open-ended survey of recent

İstiklal Cadesi ? Istanbul’s Leading Pedestrian Scene – Rick Steves
By Rick Steves
Istanbul’s main street, İstiklal Cadesi, throbs with crowds all day and into the wee hours. I visit it almost every year, and it changes with each visit. As Turkey becomes more affluent and Western, the action here becomes more and more vibrant.

In Istanbul, Ansari keeps his date with ancestor’s mosque
The Hindu
Vice-President Hamid Ansari made a personal pilgrimage here on Friday, the penultimate day of his six-day tour of Turkey, offering prayers at the mosque of his ancestor Eyup Sultan, revered as a companion of Prophet Mohammed.

Anti-Sarkozy demonstration in Istanbul
Demonstrations against President Nicolas Sarkozy, have occurred Friday in front of the consulate of France in Istanbul, following the call a few days ago by this latter, for the recognition by Turkey of the Armenian genocide

Istanbul: A World Financial Centre?
Southern Daily Press
The Turkish government i? pursuing ?n ambitious goal t? turn Istanbul into ? global financial centre, where international investors ??uld trade ?ll kinds of investment tools. However, creating a global financial centre th?t c?n compete w?th th? likes

Conferences on Istanbul continue

by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
The Istanbul Research Institute is continuing to organize its series of ?Istanbul Conferences? at Beyoğlu?s Pera Museum.




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