it looks like Yılmaz Güney still causes tension…

however, contrary to the news below, TRT 6 officials stated that his movies will be broadcasted…

 Yılmaz Güney at wikipedia…

Yılmaz Güney Movies still Banned on TV

Fatoş Güney, widowed wife of film director Yılmaz Güney, criticized in her speech at the Adana Altın Koza Fim Festival that Güney’s movies are still being banned from broadcasts on the Kurdish-language state channel TRT 6.


In some human rights related other news:

Why the Hrant Dink case is not going anywhere


Last Monday the prosecutor read out his final opinion in the Hrant Dink case, meaning the case has approached its final stages. Basically, the prosecutor said that the Trabzon cell of the Ergenekon terrorist organization carried out this murder. But he also said that he is unable to establish concrete links between Ergenekon and Dink’s murderers.

Journalists Şık and Şener Detained for 200 Days

from Bianet :: English

The 200th day of journalists Ahmet Şık and Nedim Şener in prison was marked by a demonstration of the group “Fellow Journalists of Ahmet and Nedim”. They stated that the indictment proved the fact that Şık and Şener were jailed because of their journalistic activities.

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